Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tweets For Today


fred said...

US will not send aid to central American nations if they keep allowing undocumented aliens to move toward US borders. Ok. But those people are refugees seeking asylum. How would they be documented? that is not the way those seeking asylum move about.

Anonymous said...

The west needs to stop sending food aid to Africa. Their land simply cannot support these booming populations. Unfortunately it sounds terrible to say "some Africans should be allowed to starve" and so we keep feeding them well beyond the limits of what their agriculture can support, and they keep reproducing at the highest rates on the planet year after year. Subsequently the demand always increases and we're locked in an endless cycle of annual food crises that generate strife, war, and asylum seekers.

The only solution that the NGO's can think of seems to be bringing that excess population over to the west and continuing to feed the remaining ones well beyond the land's natural limits. Some African nations have no problems feeding their populations because they've finally developed their own stable agriculture (or the megacorps have) and wherever it's feasible we need to change up our aid programs to develop similarly sustainable systems wherever it's possible. And in the places where it isn't, where the tribes have always lived a hunter gatherer lifestyle because farming isn't feasible, we need to dial back the free food. The excess population can go live in the lands of one of their more stable neighbors, but we can't continue bloating up these areas that can only support 100k people into the millions.

Yes, I'm aware how politically radioactive this truth is, and so I don't ACTAULLY expect the status quo to ever change.