Saturday, June 29, 2019

U.S. And China Agree To A Trade Truce

Daily Mail: Trump says his meeting with Xi Jinping went 'better than expected', insists he won't be imposing tariffs on China 'for the time being' and reveals Kim Jong-un responded 'very favorably' to his offer of a DMZ meeting as G20 summit ends

* President Trump held a news conference in Osaka at the end of the G20
* He heads to Seoul where he will visit the DMZ on Sunday
* On Saturday he announced the resumption of trade talks with China
* He had threatened to impose another $300 billion in tariffs
* Said he won't be imposing any tariffs 'for the time being'
* He was under fire for smiling while telling Putin not to interfere in U.S. elections
* He said Saturday he did raise the issue, telling the press to look at his words
* He also says he raised it in private
* Trump said he may go to Russia to celebrate anniversary of defeat of Nazi Germany
* He also said he raised the issue of the Khashogi murder with Mohammed bin Salman
* China's Xinhua state-run news agency reported the U.S. would hold off on threatened tariffs

President Donald Trump says he told Chinese President Xi Jinping he won't impose any more tariffs 'for the time being' after their one-on-one talk in Osaka on Saturday.

'We're not doing that. We're going to work with China on where we left off to see if we can make a deal,' the president told reporters at the top of a press conference in Osaka, Japan.

'We will be continuing to negotiate and I promised that for at least the time being we're not going to be [adding] tariffs,' Trump said.

He spoke after declaring talks with China 'back on track' following a one-on-one with the Chinese president, who urged cooperation instead of confrontation.

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Anonymous said...

Trump tries to persuade supporters that no deal on China is a win

Anonymous said...

The first post looks like another Fred bashing conservatives/Republicans/Trump post.

Trump has already won.

Some jobs will come back to the US improving the trade balance.

Other jobs will move to Vietnam or India depriving the warmonger Xi of revenue. Business men away that the tariff thing might happen again, or moving their supply chain. Not all of them but a significant portion.

It makes sense to have a cease fire at this time, but the war is not over.

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Tiny URLs are not be trusted.

Another underhanded tactic by a bird.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 5:07. Helpful!

Roger Smith said...

Thanks, anon 5:07PM. I wondered about these things.

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Not only does the link not look anything like the original, it completely obscures the intended link destination. There is no way by looking at the short link that you can tell what the intended target link is. All you see in the short link is the link shortening service site name followed by a string of seemingly random numbers and letters.

Why is this a bad thing? If an internet-based bad guy wanted to trick you into visiting a link that would install malware on your computer, you would be more likely to fall for clicking then you would be for clicking

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