Friday, July 26, 2019

Can China Become A Military Superpower?

Al Jazeera: Can China become a military superpower?

Beijing has outlined its defence plans that include a modern and advanced army.

Global military competition is on the rise and China believes it's lagging behind.

Beijing says the United States has increased its defence budgets, modernised its weapons, and developed its capacity in cyberspace, as well as outer space.

And the Chinese government wants to catch up and has detailed how it intends to do that.

In a national defence paper released on Wednesday, Beijing declared it wants greater modernisation of its armed forces and weapons.

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WNU Editor: The current sentiment in China is that they want to be a global superpower. But it is going to take 2 or 3 decades before China becomes just that, and who knows what may happen between now and then.


Anonymous said...

With that very small army and so little money? not to worry

RussInSoCal said...

No. Be afraid. Be very afraid - of the etho-fascists in China ever attaining the power they crave. The Chinese don’t just desire superpower status, they hunger for the absolute power to dominate and subjugate all those they consider beneath them. Anyone they consider inferior. Which is any human not of pure Chinese racial purity.

The Chinese are the most racist and bigoted people on the planet. Not in any way unlike the Nazis of 80 years ago.

Systematic extermination, “re-education “ and coercive monitoring are dictats currently pursued by the Chinese. They are themselves a modern ‘Axis of One’. A monolithic usurper bent on domination, not cooperation.

China must be defeated economically before it has to be defeated militarily.

The next 30 years will determine which one that is.

Fusion said...

I agree.

K said...

I think China wouldn't be able to be a super power because of this one simple thing... Zero experience winning modern wars.