Sunday, July 28, 2019

Editor's Note

Blogging will be light for this week. Entertaining visiting family members, and I will blog when I can.


Anonymous said...

Red Scare! The Washington Post Accuses Mitch McConnell of Being a 'Russian Asset'

Liberals running the same old tired plays from a playbook they have not updated in 70 years.

Anonymous said...

Electronic Voting Machine Problems Raise Early Concerns

SO Obama, Brennan and Clapper had 6 years to work on the problem and?

No, the presidential election can't be hacked - CNN, the DERP Network

FLASHBACK, October 18, 2016 | Obama to Trump: "Stop Whining," "No Serious Person" Believes U.S. Elections Can Be Rigged Or Stolen

Earth to Dana Milbank (Mountebank?)... Get a brain

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"They're trying to push through a highly partisan bill, as McConnell rightfully said, and they're hyping up a conspiracy theory about President Trump, President Trump, pretending to be angry when Republicans refuse to play along.

Ah well, at least The Washington Post has removed its mask from its hypocritical face. This isn't an independent newspaper; it's nothing more or less than the unofficial mouthpiece of the Democrat Party."

Anonymous said...


The above is another jpg (with viruses?) posted by a loser with nothing to say.

davey hume said...

Dominic West joins David Simon in condemning 'simplistic, racist moron' Trump
-- Trump transition adviser convicted on foreign-agent charges
-- Trump's Budget Deal Rejected by Republicans
-- People who refuse to see or hear Trump’s racism in attack on Baltimore are beyond reach, but here goes
A TRUMPIAN PLACE...LOTS OF LUCK Alaska defunds scholarships for thousands of university students ahead of fall semester

Bob Huntley said...

They want a nation of wooden soldiers ready to go and die doing their "patriotic" duty.

Anonymous said...

The craven afraid of fighting should borrow Monica's knee pads.

Anonymous said...

Libtard contradictions.

Pro-Muslim and pro-gay at the same time

"Muslim woman wearing a niqab shouts 'shame on all of you despicable people' in shocking homophobic rant at Pride march in London"

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that happened in the liberal Mecca of Londinistan.

Anonymous said...

Swedish City Running Low on Blood Due to Stabbings

Liberal politicians creating jobs and opportunities for doctors, paramedics, judges, bailiffs, correction officers and many others.

How could we exist without liberal tards?

Bob does not want to fight. Okay, maybe he could donate blood to the Red Cross instead?

B.Poster said...

With the WAPO running things like "Red Scare" how are we supposed to repair our relations with Russia? This needs to be a top priority for our foreign policy. If America is to be successful, good relations with the world's major powers is going to be vital. Fights that we don't need, can't readily afford, and may not win against such powers are counterproductive.

To the editor, enjoy your time with your family!!

Anonymous said...

"Stella hypocrisy! Extinction Rebellion activists fronting McCartney’s green range have racked up 135,000 air miles"

Yuppers, Liberals are hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

They prey on the most vulnerable, so slaughtering funeral-goers is really nothing out of the ordinary for these monsters. When they are not kidnapping children, they are burning them alive.

Obama backed up Boko Haram. He embargoed Nigeria. One mustn't slander Islam Obama said.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore Sun Op-ed 2016
Trump’s Right: Declare Baltimore a ‘Disaster’ and Rebuild It

Rebuild the City made by Democrats into a shit hole.

Anonymous said...

BIG EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s CIA Director Brennan Visited Europe in November 2016 After US Presidential Election – Why Was That?

Anonymous said...

WNU Editor, you have too many friends, family, and girlfriend. It’s impacting your blogging duties. There are those of us who actually follow the links to find out what’s happening in the world.

Anonymous said...

I shoulda added: have a good time and relax.

Anonymous said...

"Horror in Frankfurt as boy, eight, is killed by a train after he and his mother are 'pushed from platform by stranger dressed in dark clothing'"

8 year old boy murdered by Merkel

Bob Huntley said...

Unbelievable that ICE is able to reach even into Germany.

Anonymous said...

Here’s Nancy Pelosi, the Squad and Elijah Cummings (just out of the picture) having an extremely expensive lunch at the renowned Harry Cipriani in Venice, right near their 5 star hotel, while their constituents are living in squalor.

5 Star eLiJa CuMmInGs living large while his constituents live in SHIT City.

Anonymous said...

No Bob. It was a 40 year old migrant invited in by Fraulein Fraud Merkel, who pushed an 8 year old and 2 others into the path of trains.

For some odd reason Fraulein Fraud thinks that a 40 year old migrant with less than an high school education is going to help the work pool and be gainfully employed.

That 40 year old has a lot in common with you.

Anonymous said...

nasty asshole above

Anonymous said...

ANON you are a piece of shit

Anonymous said...

Interesting condemnation

You condemn me but not Fraulein Fraud for totally fucking over her country.

Very interesting.

So you are pro-child killer, pro-rape and pro-everything that is bad.

Anonymous said...

"Police said the suspect is believed to be from Eritrea"

Thank you Herr Merkel!

Without you more of us would be alive.

Adult literacy rate:65.3

Herr Merkel, the fat cow, want to run 21st century, automated factories with people with less than a high school education.

She is a grade A fucking genius!

Anonymous said...

Anons 3:55 & 4:01 = POS

Anonymous said...

"Es war ein entsetzliches Verbrechen: Am Samstag stieß Jackson B. (28) aus purer Mordlust – so die Ermittler – Mutter Anja N. in Voerde (NRW) vor einen einfahrenden Regionalzug. Die 34-Jährige kam ums Leben."

Another woman pushed by another Muslim.

It seems that pushing women and children in front of trains is a Muslim thang. Those Muslim men are so, so BRAVE!

So are there Anon POS supporters.

Thx diabetic fat cow Merkel.

Anonymous said...

"Last year another migrant, a 23-year-old asylum seeker from India, attempted to kill a 5-year-old boy along with himself in Wuppertal after grabbing the boy from his family at a train station and jumping in front of a moving train."

From India and wants asylum.

= Muslim

Anonymous said...

"DACA Recipient Deported After Human Smuggling Guilty Plea"

If Obama had a son ...

Obama left office 2 years ago and we are still cleaning up his stinking mess.

Anonymous said...

A federal judge ordered the deportation of a Mexican man living in Texas under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program following his conviction on human smuggling charges. The man entered an insanity plea to avoid prison time for trying move three illegal immigrants past a Border Patrol checkpoint near Laredo.

Hi speed chase; car wreck; voted Democrat

I could see an insanity plea is reasonable.

Bob Huntley said...

Now you are just BSing. You thought that the Navy Seal that murdered the 8 year old American girl in Yemen was brave.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between a firefight in the dark and a train station in broad daylight you stupid motherF___.

Bob Huntley said...


Do some reading for once, if you are able. Read "The Raid" part and note the "at dawn" reference to timing.

You know why Obama wouldn't sign off on that raid? Because the principal target was an 8 year old American girl, someone that a future terrorist group could rally around and use as an inspiration for followers, and he had two daughter. All else is for those who love BS to eat up.

You might also want to read this:

Anonymous said...

Yes Bob you are a POS.

I am sure the girl stood up clear as day in a fire fight and just stood there and several operators took a bead on her.

You are just crap.

Anonymous said...

and you, anon are total asshole

Anonymous said...

OMG Bob, you are a liar and you have not read the article you linked with any comprehension or at all.

I do understand why you want to rally around the 8 year old. She was Anwar al-Awlaki's daughter and we know you loved him.

"at dawn" appears nowhere in the article you linked. Damn, but you are a fucked up liar.

Anonymous said...


Are you an Anwar al-Awlaki, supporter too?

If you are, I bet you cheer on Boko Haram, too. No doubt you get off on all those African women being enslaved to use as sex objects. You are a sick freak.

Anonymous said...

anon sucks dick

Anonymous said...


You are projecting again. Poor baby your LIBERAL aren't cutting it.

Anonymous said...

Two Men Arrested for Conspiring to Provide Material Support to ISIS

Liberal super-tard compassion strikes again!

Of course we cannot deport these people after prison like we have done in the past. Some tard liberals like the ACLU will object, because Somalia is dangerous and they might get hurt. So tard liberals will give these fine young cannibals another crack at killing Americans.

It is what liberals do. It is all they do.

Look on the bright side. When they get out of prison, Ilhan Omar will have someone she can look up to and marry.

Hans Persson said...

WNU editor, I hope this proves what we have talked about..

Anonymous said...

the Trump misfits make truly dumb comments. They reveal how low class and ill informed and educated they are. They whine about liberals and yet take all they can get of those things the liberals gave to this nation. If they were true to what they claim to like, they would scorn all those things that liberals have given this nation. But they are so dumb they do not even know what those things are and they are too stupid to even look that babble on with your hate, your ignorance, your dumb are on the cutting edge of the past

Anonymous said...

Funny how a fake Jew loves a party taken over by ant-Semitic socialists like AOC, Ayanna Presley, Tlaib, and Omar.

Omar the Lair 'at name is not Omar. Her father was minister of propaganda of a brutal regime.

I can see how a libtard would lover her.

Anonymous said...

"A$AP Rocky pleads not guilty at assault trial in Sweden as his mother watches on after it was revealed his 'victim' has previous convictions for assault and heroin possession"

Liberals love their Muslims. Liberals will kick a black man with glee to appease a Muslim.

Maybe it is not just to appease a Muslim. Maybe they just like abusing black people. They have been doing it since antebellum.

It is good to know that America is not alone. Swedish liberals hate their country as much as American liberals hate theirs.

Anonymous said...

site a case here and there to account for a huge population is sure sign of not bright person
makes dumb remarks..Swedes do not dislike their country. Liberals do not hate their country. many of us do not care for ass wipes like you with your stupid remarks, showing low self esteem and parents who failed at their task and passed on shit dna

Anonymous said...

Many liberals the world over almost certainly hate themselves and hate their countries.

Here is a case in point.

"Analysis: ‘White Guilt’ Steers Democrat Support for Uncontrolled Immigration"

Liberal propaganda works to guilt trip liberals.

BTW you wanted the word 'cite' not 'site' or 'sight'.

Is your Alzheimers or dementia getting bad?

Of course Swedish liberals hate their country. Why else would they all a Muslim migrant to assault and harass Swedish women daily in broad daylight. What do you think the person who assaulted A$AP Rocky was doing before he decided to go all racist and assault A$AP? He was harassing Swedish women. FACT!

Stockholm, Sweden is so God Damned bad that paramedics want bullet proof vests. We're talking libtard Detroit bad.