Saturday, July 27, 2019

Is The U.S. Pushing For A “Face-Saving Way Out" Of Afghanistan?

Members of a Taliban delegation, led by chief negotiator Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar (C, front), leave after peace talks with Afghan senior politicians in Moscow, Russia May 30, 2019. Evgenia Novozhenina, Reuters

Axios: Afghanistan peace talks: U.S. pushes toward “face-saving way out"

The ongoing negotiations between the U.S. and the Taliban are a “charade” designed simply to provide the U.S. a “face-saving way out of Afghanistan,” former CIA deputy director Michael Morell tells Axios.

Why it matters: The Trump administration wants to move quickly toward a deal to end the war in Afghanistan. But Morell, who now hosts the Intelligence Matters podcast, is one of several experts and former officials warning that such a deal won’t secure peace.

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WNU Editor: This is one of those conflicts that will take a few decades to burn itself out. I also do not think these peace talks will be successful. Does the U.S. have the patience to stay in this war for that long? Definitely not. But I also do not expect the U.S. to be leaving anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

"Nuke the entire site from orbit--it's the only way to be sure"


Roger Smith said...

I would support a low number of people doing what they currently do. Advising, primarily. I think our message is getting through hence the demolition now under way of the sitting duck strategy of checkpoints. The old guard has retired and new blood is taking over the armed forces, from what I read.

Bob Huntley said...


Anonymous said...

Tearful boy clings to a woman as baton-wielding Russian police charge through election rally and arrest 600 people

Anonymous said...

In that photo, the Taliban look like they are straight out of the Stone Age. And look at the expressions on their face--they are all evil men.

Anonymous said...

They are men? Are you sure? I thought they were Dwarven women or something. Look at those wide breeder hips on those babes! I bet they get passed around a lot.

Anonymous said...

These dudes defeated two superpowers.

All America is good for is blowing shit up, eating huge amounts of food, growing morbidly obese up and losing wars.

Anonymous said...

you left out our opioids!
are you Taliban?

Bob Huntley said...

Opioids for sure. That was what the war in Afghanistan is about, restoring the opioids the Taliban had forbidden the farmers to grow.

Anonymous said...

...forbidden for one year, before they reopened the trade under their own taxation regime.

It's about a lot of different things, including the lucrative opium deals that the intelligence agencies can facilitate to fund their black programs. That's still just one small part of it though.

Anonymous said...

A lot of juvenalia here. The USSR was not defeated by the Taliban. They did not exist until the 1990s after the Soviet Union pulled out.

The USSR was defeated by a coalition not necessarily of allies but a coalition of countries consisting of Iran, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the US, Britain, etc. The USSR refused to escalate the war and played within certain ROEs.

At the time Pakistan was worried about the USSR rolling south.

The Taliban is still partial on a Pakistani leash. They have defeated no one. The US might decide to pick up its marbles and leave, but it won't necessarily be defeated. It will have refused to escalate.

Yeah, America is obese and so is China, the developing world, etc. (most countries). What else are you going to do in Democrat shitholes except eat and take drugs? If you go outside for exercise, you get beat down be Democrat voters.

Anonymous said...

'It was pure pandemonium': Man, 38, is killed as TWELVE people - including a child - are shot in a hail of gunfire at a Brooklyn playground during annual block party 'old timers' event

Like I said Americans are fat, because cities are run by Democrats and are shitholes.

Tale New York City for example. Since WW2 there have only been 2 Republican mayors for a total of 12 years of Republican governance in 74 years (16%).

Mayor De Blasio's wife just wasted 850 million dollars and no one knows where it went.

Anonymous said...

FLASHBACK: Bernie Sanders Compared West Baltimore to 'A Third World Country'

Hypocrite socialist multi-millionaire Bernie Sanders, who cavorts with Democrats, thinks Baltimore is a shithole too.

Come to think of it Hartford Connecticut is a shithole. I learned the term couch surfing in the 1990s while reading an article about employment and the cost of of living in the Great State of Disgrace called Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

Democrats = Racists

"Well, if that was racist, so was Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). He toured West Baltimore — Cummings' district — in December 2015, to see the area where Freddie Gray was arrested. At that time, Sanders compared West Baltimore to a "Third World Country.""

Juan Appleseed said...

Trump policies create chaos on both sides of the border
Trump blames White House air conditioning on Obama
-- Nord Stream 2: Rand Paul Fights Sanctions on Russian Pipeline
-- Lawyers For Trump 'Super Fan' Cesar Sayoc Say Trump's Rhetoric Inspired Terrorist Plot On Democrats
-- Trump Tries To Distract From Jared And Ivanka's Crimes With Racism
-- Trump destroyed as a ‘moron’ and ‘a putrid stain on history’ for vicious racist attack on Elijah Cummings – Raw Story
-- GOP faced with 2020 House losses as incumbents bail just like they did before the 2018 midterm bloodbath: report

Anonymous said...

"Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan: New Supreme Court Ruling Will Allow for 450 Miles of New Border Wall"

VIDEO PROVES TRUMP RIGHT: Baltimore is Rat-Infested Dump with 180 Homicides So Far This Year

Which proves Democrats hate people.

(Take a look at that first graph again. The closest to right is a Russian model. Collusion, anyone?)

Impeachment Dreams Die; Wall gets Built

Let's throw the DNC a pity party!

Feminist: 'Twitter Is in the Business of Protecting [Trans] Predators and Silencing Women'

Democrat Pervs are coming to molest your children. We have many Democrats like Jonathan Yaniv.

Over Open Mic, Chicago Mayor Calls Police Union Official a 'Clown'

Democrat Leaders hate police, but call them when their ass is in a jam and have 24/7 police protection. GOT Hypocrisy?

Face it, Democrats are mouth breathing droolers.

Anonymous said...

-- Trump destroyed as a ‘moron’ and ‘a putrid stain on history’ for vicious racist attack on Elijah Cummings – Raw Story

"Anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not think you're in a wealthy nation. You would think that you were in a Third World country." - Bernie Sanders

Is Bernie Sanders lying or are readers and poster of Raw Story morons?

Anonymous said...

"-- Nord Stream 2: Rand Paul Fights Sanctions on Russian Pipeline"

If Russia turned off gas on Ukraine, it will turn off gas on Germany.

Herr Merkel is a fat slob idiot, who cannot even maintain her own metabolism at the tender age of 60 something.

Merkel is so bad that it is not safe for women in the streets of German in the late afternoon or early m evening and it used to be.

Merkel is so stupid that German women are at risk at public pools.

Merkel the idiot messed up the safety of all German women just like she messed up German energy policy.

Anonymous said...

President Trump Wants Barack Obama's Book Deal Investigated
--Trump Fed pick’s push for gold troubles lawmakers

Anonymous said...

Trump slams 'rat-infested' district – but his own restaurant had a rodent problem
-- Special Counsel Mueller And FBI Director Wray Just Confirmed We Need To Do More To Protect Our Democracy From Putin’s Interference. So Why Is Majority Leader McConnell Blocking Commonsense Election Security Legislation?
-- Dave Bautista calls Trump a 'disgrace to everything this country is' after his 'infested' Baltimore district remarks

Anonymous said...

The Trump Contagion
-- Trump campaign sees political advantage in a divisive appeal to working-class white voters
-- The GOP’s questions to Mueller seemed bizarre — unless you watch Fox News -
-- Trump Promised Massive Infrastructure Projects—Instead We’ve Gotten Nothing

Anonymous said...

"-- Trump campaign sees political advantage in a divisive appeal to working-class white voters"

Obama gave up white blue collar voters in 2012.

There is nothing divisive in pro-jobs & pro-growth. It helps everyone except those that want an underclass so they can rule people (i.e. Democrats).

Anonymous said...

"found “evidence of mice or live mice” in and around the kitchen, a violation of sanitary standards that was deemed to be “critical”.

The inspectors also found the restaurant to be “not vermin-proof” and said it was “conducive to attracting vermin” and “allowing vermin to exist”."

So they did not see a mouse.

It is a city run by De Blasio and New York City has rat problem. TY Democrats.

"In 2014, however, scientists more accurately measured the entire city's rat population to be approximately only 24% of the number of humans. That would reduce the urban legend's ratio considerably, with approximately 2 million rats to New York's 8.4 million people at the time of the study"

So if a Democrat mayors allow 2 million rats to live in NYC, how can one person keep them off their property?

I will give NYC this. They do try to control the rats unlike the idiot Garcetti in Los Angeles. Now Garcetti is a total moron, a successful Democrat.

Next time read the whole article moron. Oh wait we are talking about a PhD; it does not have to read anything but the headline.

PhD and proud of it said...

It is always easy to make fun of our cities. Yes. Most are run by Democrats. But then where is our wealth, our opportunities, our museums, our theatre, great libraries, universities, our wealthy apt and condo owners, our arts, our shipping, etc etc...IN OUR MAJOR CITIES. So stay in your little trailer park if you will. The young, the clever, the educated, the hopeful, the talented will go to those Democratic run cities!
ps: rats proliferated now because of climate change. But you deny that so blame that on halal food carts in our cities

Fusion said...

Holy fuck you guys have ruined the comment section here at WNU... If I see that a post has 5+ comments I know not to check it out as it’s just going to be childish bickering and name calling. :(

Anonymous said...

great libraries?

I went to a great library in a city. It had been turned into an identity politics feel good. There were no books, but lots of banners.

Great theatre?

You can find theatre in any city, town or even between towns. I would not call theater great in a place merely because they had moire than one.

Take this for example:

"DC theatre to host 11-hour reading of the Mueller report"

Is that great theater? It is if you live in an echo chamber.

"our wealthy apt and condo owners"
Yes, the Rich and the Poor, but not so much the middle class. That is indeed greatness as defined by Democrat feudal overlords.

Hint, the middle class commute to work, because they cannot afford to live in the city proper. Democrats have ruined that since the 1950s.

After reading Paul Fussell's book class, it is no surprise that you lucked into a PhD with your white privilege. Any other decade and you would not have made the grade.

Anonymous said...

"The young, the clever, the educated, the hopeful, the talented will go to those Democratic run cities!

Baltimore Mayor: ‘Gave Those Who Wished to Destroy Space to Do That’

Fred that is very clever of the young mayor.

Anonymous said...

The Democrat Way:

Baltimore Mayor: ‘Gave Those Who Wished to Destroy Space to Do That’

Anonymous said...

For a long time, the Baltimore mayor was in hiding while she cleaned herself off of cocaine and methamphetamine. I hope she can stay clean.

Anonymous said...

Dominic West joins David Simon in condemning 'simplistic, racist moron' Trump
-- Trump transition adviser convicted on foreign-agent charges
-- Trump's Budget Deal Rejected by Republicans
-- People who refuse to see or hear Trump’s racism in attack on Baltimore are beyond reach, but here goes
A TRUMPIAN PLACE...LOTS OF LUCK Alaska defunds scholarships for thousands of university students ahead of fall semester

Anonymous said...

PhD thinks Fethullah Gulen is not as dangerous as Khomeini. What a tard. Flynn should be given a medal.

Sian Gonzales lost his scholarship, because OF LIBERAL TARDS.

Ever been to Alaska? I have. I met a 24 year old, unmarried woman with 4 kids. That is where the state surplus is going. To people like that. SO Sian Gonzalez can thank welfare queens. BTW she was not black. Democrats are equal opportunity corruptors.

Who is all for this profligate welfare? Liberal Tards

In Alaska you get a state check just for existing, but people want free everything.

"Investment earnings on Alaskan mineral royalties are paid out to Alaska residents. It is an annual payment. The amount varies every year but in 2015, 637,014 residents got $2,072 each. Since 1988, the payment has been higher than $800."

So this woman got $ 8,000 a year for spreading her legs and having fun.

Bob Huntley said...


When the Editor announces he is not going to be working the site because of business or personal interests that is the signal for a free fall.

What you are seeing at this point is the back and forth nonsense between two people "named" Anon, or perhaps as I suspect one person "named" Anon talking to himself and usually for the trashing of the Democratic party, democrats and of course liberals. It is easy to do on this site as there is no logging on/off needed. The Anon person just needs to adjust his postings accordingly to the appropriate persona.

That person posts on this site very often insulting all and sundry on everything. Given his propensity to attack Democrats I have decided he actually is a forerunner on behalf of whoever it is, likely the Russians, interferring in the upcoming 2020 election. There are probably tens of thousands working at this low level towards the objective of keeping Trump and the GOP in power next time around.

I am a Canadian so it is not my place but I do think that the Americans who visit this site ought to do their patriotic duty and inform the FBI of this person's activity.

Bob Huntley said...


Are you jealous? Heck $8,000 is a reasonable price to pay to keep the supply of cannon fodder flowing for the military.

Anonymous said...

Who said the children of such a woman would be cannon fodder? They might look at their mother's example and live off of other like her and you.

Bob Huntley said...

Weak response.

Anonymous said...

Nah, you are just stupid Bob.

Unfortunately for you, you will never see better days. You will stay stuck on stupid. Dems the breaks kiddo.

"Parents’ reliance on welfare leads to more welfare use by their children, study finds"

Anonymous said...

FLASHBACK: Baltimore Mayor Does City Walk Through, Complains ‘Whoa, You Can Smell the Rats and Dead Animals’

Rep Cummins (D) landed with both feet on a flaming bag of dog____!

Gloria Scott said...

useless post

Porn Sex & Anel Sex Collection

Bob Huntley said...


Doubling down on being weak.

Anonymous said...

I provided facts. You provided your bloviating BS.

Bob Huntley said...

And yet again, garbage.

Anonymous said...


You are assuming that a person raised by a welfare mama would make the height and weight requirements

You're assuming that a person raised by a welfare mama would opt to work instead of taking the same route their mother took. They call it intergenerational welfare dependency for a reason.

I know poor thing that was a few too many syllables for your comprehension, you sorry b_____

Bob Huntley said...

Assuming only that the US military will modify requirements as needed to keep the canon fodder supply moving as has been the practice in the past. Have they decided to lower the recruitment age to 16 yet?

Anonymous said...

Bob, they would have to lower the psychological age to 3 to be able to enlist you.

BTW moron, you link said nothing about a dawn raid nor mentioned the word dawn.

You are a liar and a moron.