Saturday, August 31, 2019

Are Trade Talks Restraining China From Acting Forcefully On Hong Kong?

US President Donald Trump said on Friday that “if it weren’t for the trade talks, Hong Kong would be in much bigger trouble”. Photo: Reuters

SCMP: Donald Trump says trade talks with Beijing are ‘keeping down the temperature in Hong Kong’

* American president says Beijing’s response to anti-government protests has been restrained because it doesn’t want to jeopardise negotiations
* He also confirms new US tariffs on Chinese imports will take effect on Sunday

US President Donald Trump says Beijing’s response to anti-government protests in Hong Kong has been restrained because it does not want to jeopardise ongoing trade talks with Washington.

He also confirmed that new US tariffs on Chinese imports would take effect on Sunday.

“If it weren’t for the trade talks, Hong Kong would be in much bigger trouble. I think it would’ve be much more violent,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Friday.

“I really believe China wants to make a deal, and they know it puts us in a very bad position if there’s not a humane way of handling the problems.

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Update #1: Trump says trade talks with China have helped limit violence in Hong Kong (The Hill)
Update #2: China response to Hong Kong would be ‘much more violent’ without US trade talks - Trump (RT)

WNU Editor: It is not only talks with the U.S. that is restraining China, but also how the EU would respond if China should decide to use force to stop the Hong Kong protests. Hence this explains the reactions of Chinese officials like this one .... China rebukes EU, US politicians for interfering on Hong Kong (Straits Times/Bloomberg).


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Gen Tso said...

China gradually tightening the screws. They can not have major demonstrations without doing anythfing about them or it would take place soon on mainland. They can not send in troops and do quick ugly takedown, since that would resound world-wide...they gradually are rounding up known leaders, to dampen demonstrations and to send a usual, China plays the long game

Anonymous said...

" how the EU would respond"

how did they respond to Catalonia protest?

oh wait they arrested thier leader in germany. so much for democratic eu.

Anonymous said...

Merkel is a communist. The government of Spain is socialist.

Of course the Germans arrest the leader of the Catalonian movement.

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Coherency Squirrel coherency!

Anonymous said...

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Donald Trump: Full up to the eyeballs with hate. He won on that once, and hopes to do it again

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Come on Squirrel, coherency is your friend.

Jb said...

Command and control rights here we the # were going to make China a Christian country soon my niggazz

Jb said...

China government haz fell fall and FALLEN see

Jb said...

President tramp is a fake man and afraid of unfaithful people haahaa hee haa fool

Anonymous said...

"Trump is certainly a racist bigot, but the evil runs deeper: No previous president has been so driven by hate" -

Salon created by David Talbot, an American arch-liberal and wingnut journalist.

The Racist Legacy of Woodrow Wilson - The Atlantic

"As president, Wilson oversaw unprecedented segregation in federal offices."

"Woodrow Wilson and Race in America"
"During his first term in office, the House passed a law making racial intermarriage a felony in the District of Columbia. His new Postmaster General also ordered that his Washington offices be segregated, with the Treasury and Navy soon doing the same. Suddenly, photographs were required of all applicants for federal jobs."


Salon is a leftwing rag and most of the time when you quote them you just prove yourself to be a slavish follower and a dunce.

Anonymous said...


When are you going to learn English fluently or when are you going to stop doing meth, my man?

You're funny. You're a caricature of a real person.

fred said...

stop dumping the past...All America was racist back then. I was told to get off a bus in Va unless I moved to the front back in 1948! the back, said the bus driver, was for "colored."
a link here, a link there, does NOT deal with what is NOW
any one can find an anecdotal thing here or there for anything
And reject a site that is well regarded because the owner etc is a liberal? Play that game and one can reject Fox, WSJ etc etc

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Oooooh Secret Squirrel is angry!
Really got a fetish on that learning thing don't you, especially if you are the teacher.

Anonymous said...

stop dumping the past...All America was racist back then. - Fred

Nice of the PhD to cluelessly or gratuitously make an association fallacy with such firm conviction.

Now the Salon article that you linked had the following statements:

"Trump is certainly a racist bigot, but the evil runs deeper. No previous president has been so driven by hate"

Now the author, LUCIAN K. TRUSCOTT IV, of the article you linked compared Trump to all
other previous presidents and made a declarative statement. Since Truscott made a comparison between Trump and and previous president. You did by extension since you linked it. So it is fair game that I point out what those previous presidents did.

Now in test taking if you have a multiple choice answer that is an over-generalization, you usually can assume it is false. In mathematics/logic if you say that all items of a set have a certain characteristic, you can prove that statement false, but finding a single (or more) concrete example. My grandfather for example was not racist. Thus your stupid statement is disproved.

Did you actually pay attention in any of your undergrad electives or did you blow them off? Did you take any decent electives? Underwater basket weaving does not count.

There are liberal sites and then there are liberal sites that are notorious for being bad.
A conservative would much rather read an article in the Atlantic than one in Salon. By reading the Salon, a reader always takes the very real chance of a 'YUGE' IQ drop.

Looks like you have been a victim of such an IQ drop. You and other readers of Salon should get to together and form a class action lawsuit.