Friday, August 30, 2019

U.S. Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

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FOX News: U.S. service member becomes 15th to be killed in Afghanistan this year

A U.S. service member was killed in Afghanistan on Thursday, officials said, bringing the total number of combat deaths there this year to 15 – and making this the deadliest year since the Pentagon announced the end of combat operations in 2014.

The 2019 death toll in Afghanistan has already surpassed the 13 troops killed there last year.

The service member killed Thursday was not immediately identified, in keeping with U.S. Department of Defense policy withholding the names until 24 hours after notification of next of kin.

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WNU Editor: This is the third soldier killed in Afghanistan this week .... Third U.S. Soldier Dies in Afghanistan in Just Over a Week (New York Times).

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