Friday, August 30, 2019

World News Briefs -- August 30, 2019

BBC: Syria war: Russia announces ceasefire in Idlib rebel stronghold

A ceasefire by Syrian government forces will come into place on Saturday morning in the rebel-held province of Idlib, Russia has announced.

The unilateral agreement will come into place at 06:00 (03:00 GMT), Russia's defence ministry said.

Syrian forces intensified their efforts to recapture Idlib in April.

The UN says hundreds of thousands have since fled and at least 500 civilians have been killed in the province, where an estimated three million live.

Previous attempts to halt the fighting there have all only had limited success.

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Russia announces ceasefire in Syria's Idlib from Saturday.

Syria, Russia step up assault on rebel stronghold: opposition, residents.

Turkish guards fire in air, stop protesting Syrians crossing border: AFP.

UAE: 'Terrorist militias' targeted as fractures with Saudi grow.

Iraq probes find Israel behind 'some' base attacks: MP.

Germany urges US to talk with Iran.

Confusion over Iranian tanker's destination after weeks of ordeal.

Satellite photos show burning Iran space center launch pad.


Hong Kong activists released on bail as protests called off.

Xi to deliver speech as pressure builds at home and abroad.

Beijing to Duterte: South China Sea position not up for talks.

Kashmir: Pakistan's Khan warns of 'genocide of Muslims'.

Pakistan PM leads demonstration on Kashmir in bid to win over world opinion.

North Korean constitution makes Kim Jong Un's power 'monolithic.

China’s foreign minister to visit North Korea ahead of possible fifth trip to Beijing by Kim Jong-un in October.

China forces out Wall Street Journal reporter Chun Han Wong after report on Xi Jinping’s cousin.


Six countries block UN sanctions against Somalia's Al-Shabaab.

Ebola deaths in east DRC outbreak top 2,000.

Egypt proposes long-term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas - report.

UN chief Guterres fears eruption of 'full civil war' in Libya.

Severe hunger threatens millions in Somalia as climate emergency deepens.

Sudan protests: Dozens missing since June crackdown.

Zimbabwe 'has never been this bad' as crackdown silences resistance.


UK, EU ramp up Brexit talks as Parliament suspension backlash grows.

Legal challenge to stop suspension of UK Parliament delayed in Scottish court.

Brexit: PM Johnson faces mounting legal, political, diplomatic challenges.

Salvini urges far-right supporters to march on Rome after bid to force election backfires.

Ukraine denies Russia prisoner swap finalized.

Sweden ends sweeping ‘automatic asylum’ policy for Syrians.

Extreme weather to blame as France’s wine output set to fall by 12%.


Hurricane Dorian: Florida braces for what may be biggest storm on east coast since 1992.

Donald Trump demands Federal Reserve interest rate cuts AGAIN and defends his trade war as clock ticks down to his next set of tariffs going into place on China on Sunday.

Trump says Comey decision proves Barr is 'fair and reasonable'.

Joe Biden unapologetic after reportedly mistelling military story.

Amazon fires 'extraordinarily concerning', warns UN biodiversity chief.


Israel says Iran boosting bid to set up Hezbollah precision-missile plants in Lebanon.

Israel, Egypt, Hamas against global jihad.

'Executioner of Raqqa': ISIS killer who received UK housing benefits for years finally captured.


Exclusive: Saudi Aramco board sees too many risks for New York IPO - sources.

Elon Musk and Jack Ma disagree about AI's threat.

Google says hackers have put ‘monitoring implants’ in iPhones for years.

Russian telecom giant & China’s Huawei launch 5G zones in Russian cities.

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