Monday, September 30, 2019

Is President Trump's 'Maximum Pressure' Against Iran The Same Strategy FDR Used On Japan Before Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbour. Wikipedia

Jacob G. Hornberger, The Future of Freedom Foundation: Trump, FDR, and War

President Trump’s campaign of “maximum pressure” against Iran reminds me of President Franklin Roosevelt’s similar campaign against Japan prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

After England declared war on Germany, owing to the latter’s invasion of Poland, the American people were overwhelmingly opposed to entry into the war. That was because they recognized that U.S. interventionism into World War I, which cost the lives and limbs of tens of thousands of American soldiers and severely infringed on the liberty of the American people, had accomplished nothing.

Americans had no interest in doing it again. Their mindsets were similar to those of our American ancestors, whose founding foreign policy was to avoid involvement in Europe’s forever wars.

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WNU Editor: There were many other reasons why Japan declared war against the U.S., sanctions was one of them. But Iran is not what Japan was before Pearl Harbour.


Anonymous said... need to take a few semesters of modern Japanese history and current events to get this right. Except for a crappy air force, Iran is infinitely more powerful than Japan, in relative historical terms, in wmd, conventional and asymmetric warfare. Iran is a modern military power with great engineers and generals. Iran is swimming in oil. Japan had virtually none.

Another ignorant comment. You are really cooking tonight.

Roger Smith said...

You forgot to mention the Iranian navy and it's victories, anon.
The struggle with Iraq was quite a victory also and should not be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I met a lot of Iranians who fought in the war. Smart and amazingly.committed. I would not like to face them on the battlefield.

Japan's navy knew that once the United States got revved up it was toast. Iran does not see this limitation. That thinking plus all the current and future assets of the Iranians plus their belief in restoring their lost empire make them formidable.

Plus, they are sneaky and vicious. Trump and his temporary managers are no match to the cage fighter survivors leading Iran.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget, Iran is just as hard to "invade" as Japan back then, because it also has hundreds of small islands you first have to control..just like Japan. Those sneaky Iranians ;)
On top, Iran also has a quasi-God like figure, like the Japanese emperor back then, and sacred land for which they all would die - just like the Japanese did, back then. Iranians will also be hard to kill on the battlefield, just like the Japanese, who sometimes wouldn't surrender even if you had a flamethrower pointed at them. I tell you, these Iranians are hardcore, not totally used to buying fake-gold plated tennis shoes, too tight pants and shirts, with way too much hair gel.. NO.. Iranians are tough! TOOOUGH!!! Repeat after me! ISLANDS! TOUGH!!! IRANIANSSS!! WNU WROOOONG! ;))

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Nice to see a cogent adult on this site.

In D.C. My dentists were Iranian. Smart and very skilled. One is working on my mouth while the dentist next booth over commented on going back to Iran to be a martyr. I asked my dentist if he and his buddy would run into a mine field to clear it with his body. He said of course.

I switched practices.

Anonymous said...

"I would not like to face them on the battlefield."

I would. In fact, I wish I were 40 years younger, just so I'd have the chance.

Anonymous said...

I would pay to see you die in battle against the Iranians. You could shoot at them with your trusty.22 while on Viagra to invigorate your battle cry.

Anonymous said...

Nice sock puppet parade!

Anonymous said...

A .22 can bring down a grizzly with one shot.

It is not only the calibre of a bullet that makes it dangerous by the KE it has. Maybe 2:55 needs some viagra herself or something.

Mike Feldhake said...

A lot of comments here but none very good; it's hard to paint a comparison between Japan and Iran due to the tech differences but at a Global Strategic way, I see some similarities. Is it not the point of be article a preface to Iranian aggression and some future War between the Iran and the Allies, in that it's clear this is very possible however I'm not sure the major player here need to be the US. There are other scenarios that suggest China could be a major player. Interesting times.

Dov Sar said...

I have also wondered that very thing, especially now with asymmetric warfare options available to Iran that were not available during WW 2. Consider Iran launching an EMP club K from a cargo ship in the Gulf of Mexico; they could grind all North American commerce to a stop and kill 90% of us with one weapon. These are options that were not available back in the day.

Another similarity between Japan and Iran is the willingness to die for the cause. This is an interesting topic.