Monday, September 30, 2019

Kremlin Trolls The U.S.. Says Disclosure Of Trump-Putin Phone Calls Would Need Russian Consent

Tina Nguyen, Vanity Fair: Russia “Would Like to Hope” White House Won’t Release Trump-Putin Calls

U.S.-Russia relations “are already troubled by a lot of problems,” said a Kremlin spokesperson rather ominously.

Within hours of Donald Trump releasing a rough readout of a call between him and Volodymyr Zelensky, in a ham-fisted attempt to prove he hadn’t extorted the Ukrainian president into investigating Hunter Biden, Republicans had begun privately fretting that they’d made a terrible mistake. “It puts the whole quid pro quo to bed, but trades it for several other issues,” one administration official told Axios of the readout. Among those issues: setting a precedent for the handling of calls between the president and other world leaders.

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WNU Editor: Before the transcript of President Trump's conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky was made public, the U.S. sought and received permission from the Ukrainian President's office to disclose it. The U.S. did not need to seek this permission, but there are unwritten international protocols and understandings where conversations between leaders and diplomats are considered private, and that both parties must agree before releasing any transcript to the public. Even though it never happened to me when I worked as a diplomat, I know I would never release my notes on a conversation with a counterpart to the public unless we both agreed to its release. As to the Trump-Putin transcripts. President Trump could release these transcripts without President Putin's. But you can take to this bank .... it will be a long time before President Putin and the ones who will follow him will ever talk candidly to a U.S. President on the telephone.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about bait!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at that monitor. I had the same like 8 years ago. It was shit. Why does Putin's office have a monitor I didn't like even when I was a poor student and couldn't afford anything else?

Oh right. Now I remember. Because Russia's GDP is the size of Italy's GDP lol s much smaller, relatively poor country in Europe. But hey. Putin is winnnnnnning! Lol

Mike Feldhake said...

At the expense of some hurt feelings, I am OK exposing more of the lying left's agenda. Absolutely false narrative being sent out to try to influence the next election. Damn the Dems!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Mike the Left has been demanding records of Trump's phone calls and Putin is a Russian which the Dems claim Trump's colluding with, let's see how interested they really are.

Anonymous said...

I had to verify 3:39. He appears to be correct.

I have to wonder about purchasing power and once that is taken into account ... misallocation.

Corruption is an example of misallocation

Political spoils is an example of misallocation.

America is stranger to neither.

However, it is as Paracelsus says. Degree makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

Release the phone calls

The when the Russians refuse afterwards to talk to American presidents Republican or Democrats ...

Uppercut, Uppercut, round house

Anonymous said...

They use simple electronics in the Kremlin because they are doing regular sweeps for bugs and taking them apart. Guess what else is antiquated in Putin's office pictured there. The museum-like phones and the lack of an internet connection.

Your take on the antiquated monitor is a uniquely low-IQ analysis, though you're not wrong that the Kremlin does prefer to go with a relatively low-tech solution to infosec. I'm sure they'd love to be able to drop a blank-check on data security measures the same way that the White House does, but when you can accomplish the same goal by just using older and proven hardware then that's what'll always win out in Russian politics. They use those devices because they're absolutely positive that they haven't been compromised. Upgrading them just for the sake of it could turn into an endless series of expensive government contracts and open themselves up to potential unknown liabilities.

Another thing though. According to the western media isn't Putin also supposed to be the richest man on the planet? How do you square that notion alongside "Russia is too poor to afford oled monitors lol"?