Monday, September 30, 2019

NATO Rejects Russian President Putin’s Missile Moratorium Offer For Europe

Image via US Department of Defense/Defense One

Moscow Times: NATO Rejects Putin’s Missile Moratorium Offer

NATO has rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s calls to suspend deployment of missiles in Europe that were banned under a recently abandoned U.S.-Russian nuclear pact.

The Kommersant business daily reported and the Kremlin confirmed Putin’s offer, which came amid concerns that Russia and the U.S. are headed toward an arms race after Washington exited the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) pact last month. The INF pact’s demise means both Washington and Moscow are legally free to develop and deploy ground-launched nuclear and conventional ballistic and cruise missiles.

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Update #1: NATO denies Russia request to bar missiles in Europe (UPI)
Update #2: NATO Rejects Putin's Request To Ban Missile Deployments In Europe (Zero Hedge)

WNU Editor: Laying the groundwork for the next arms race.

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Anonymous said...

Well it should be obvious that the target is China. Russia is pretending to be our enemy and we're pretending to be theirs to basically get more budgets and arm us to the teeth so that if China tries something they will get squashed from multiple sides. It should be obvious to anyone who knows Putin that he hates China ah everything they stand for. China is a party ruled ethno state that forbids religion, including the religion of Putin and his closest allies among the church. Obviously he knows that Europeans she Americans are much closer culturally and ethnically than Chinese ever will be. And he knows that without the US, China would take on Russia by a 20:1 population difference in a few decades and nukes won't be a sufficient/certain deterrent in the new hypersonic/AI+ robotic world. Wars might be over before he could even send a missile in return, Russia will be outmatched so badly in those sciences. On top we all know Trump and Putin get along and discussed privately without protocol the future. China is f $cked imo and all the spectacle we see around Trump and the Russia hoax is to guarantee his reelection and democrats play their role. No one can be that stupid @ Schiff,Pelosi and Swalwell. Sure sure the AOC excuse. .yeah yeah believe it if you want