Sunday, September 29, 2019

Saudi Arabia Releases Camera Footage Showing The Exact Moments Aramco Was Hit By Drones And Cruise Missiles

WNU Editor: Considering the importance of this facility, there must be a lot of security cameras watching everything. My prediction .... this is going to be the first of many videos released by Saudi Arabia to prove their case that Iran was responsible for this attack.


Bob Huntley said...

Lots of pictures of the hits does not prove who launched the missiles, but it does heighten the disgust for the attack and encourage acceptance of retaliation against, whoever.

It was good that the missiles didn't shut the whole facility down for a long time and even so recovery seems to be almost short of miraculous.

I imagine some think it was a poorly planned and executed attack while others might think it was a very well planned and executed attack.

Anonymous said...

"...even so recovery seems to be almost short of miraculous."

Our resident military historian, Bob Huntley. You would think that someone interested in military affairs might be passingly familiar with WW2 history like perhaps the Ploesti Oil bombing and how quickly the Germans got it back up.

fazman said...

Depending on the position of the cameras it can in collaboration with other evidence