Monday, September 30, 2019

U.S. President Nancy Pelosi?

Robert Atkins and Adam P. Frankel, Washington Times/Washington Post: President Pelosi? It could happen.

What happens when a Democratic speaker of the House - third in line to the presidency, according to the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 - is suddenly thrust into the Oval Office, succeeding a Republican president and vice president who resign, embroiled in scandal?

Such a scenario is attracting attention - #PresidentPelosi was trending on social media after last week's announcement of an impeachment inquiry - even though it may seem far-fetched that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence would be forced from office over abuse of power related to the administration's dealings with Ukraine or other misdeeds.

This was a more urgent question in the fall of 1973. On Oct. 10, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned, pleading nolo contendere to charges of tax evasion. Ten days later, President Richard Nixon ordered the firing of Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox in what is widely known as the Saturday Night Massacre. As hearings began in the Senate and the House on the nomination of Agnew's successor, Gerald Ford, questions swirled about the possibility that Democratic House Speaker Carl Albert, D-Okla., might assume the presidency.

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WNU Editor: What is more likely is Nancy Pelosi losing her Speakership when Americans go to the polls next year than being in the Oval Office before November, 2020.


RussInSoCal said...

Anonymous said...


While the main offensive has been tom take out Trump, there are other fronts in the War. Another front is against VP Pence. This military front has launched multipronged attacks.

Mrs. Pence works at a Christian school 2 days a week. There are many problems with this.

- First, this is horror of horrors it is a Christian school **shudder**.
- Second, this school does not allows LGBT students or parents according to reports. This report was last week or the week before. They have not forgot about Pence. There wheels within wheels.
- Third, the school is racist! Or so the media reported. 50% of the students are African- American, so why even make the charge? But Democrats did. It is a stupid attack. An analogy would be that it is like human wave attacks. I guess the attack is not so stupid of the overall attack succeeds. If some reporter or liberals newspaper loses their reputation or livelihood, those are acceptable losses.
- Fourth, there was a racists attack. The MSM jumped on it and made to sure to mentions Mrs. Pence's name as if she is responsible. The attack turned out to be a hoax. Maybe the 3 accused boys had alibis and such as being on camera in a hallway while the girls aid they were assaulting her. Being caught she spilled the beans.

So while liberals have been trying to take out Trump, they have been trying top take out Pence at the same time.

Why not. They are democrats and no one has made them to pay any price for dirty deeds attempted. There is no downside except the elections, sometimes.

And that is where illegals come in (& Cloward and Piven).

Anonymous said...

Putin’s America...

Anonymous said...

If it were Putin's America, you would not be trolling. You would be in a gulag.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi NECK DEEP in Ukraine – Female Ukrainian Party Girl Connected to Military and Government is Her Legislative Aide

Anonymous said...

From your mouth to your ears.

Anonymous said...

You had to know it was there to process it.

From the screen to your brain for processing to your fingertips (of one hand).

Anonymous said...

Pelosi caved in to a freshling and her radical demands..imagine how quickly she'd fold if she had to negotiate with Putin. It'd be over before the meeting began. She is no leader. .she's just a political hack who uses layers of makeup, and butox to cover up for her face