Wednesday, October 30, 2019

North Korean Malware Found On Indian Nuclear Plant's Network

File photo of the Kundankulam nuclear power plant in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Photo: International Atomic Energy Agency

Asia Times: Cyberattack scare dogs India’s nuclear plants

Claims of major move by North Korea-linked group on Kudankulam facility have exposed country’s vulnerabilities

Two days ago a well-known cybersecurity researcher sent alarm bells ringing when he claimed that he had found a data dump that indicated India’s newest nuclear power plant had been hacked. As the Indian government scrambled to come up with a response, cybersecurity researchers across the globe began to sift through the data looking for clues.

India has a number of nuclear power plants across the country.

The fact that the nuclear power plant had ostensibly been hacked was also known to Pukhraj Singh, a respected Indian cybersecurity professional who had also served in India’s technical intelligence agency, the NTRO (National Technical Research Organization). The NTRO is India’s equivalent of the US National Security Agency. Singh left a few years ago and has been working on cyber-threat intelligence as a private consultant for a few years. It was Singh who pointed to the independent security researcher who had posted details of the hack on Twitter.

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WNU Editor: These installations are suppose to be super-secured. Someone was sloppy.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone, what is the purpose of North Korea to hack of an Indian nuclear power plant and plant malware? Stealing technology? Acting for China? Ransom?

Bob Huntley said...

Practice for a similar attack on a US nuclear power plant?

Could be too that NK didn't plant it.