Friday, November 29, 2019

Cyborg Soldiers By 2050?

Popular Mechanics: The U.S. Army Expects to Field Cyborg Soldiers by 2050

Soldiers with super sight and telepathy could rule the battlefield in 30 years.

* The U.S. Army is trying to forecast what biomedically enhanced technologies could be available by 2050.
* The tech includes electronically super hearing, muscular control, and telepathic transfer of data.
* The Army fully expects to equip soldiers with such technologies, but what about the society that invents them?

The U.S. Army believes that a range of technologies could be available by 2050 that would effectively turn the average soldier into a cybernetically enhanced super soldier. A recent Department of Defense study predicted that enhanced vision, enhanced hearing, musculature control, and what amounts to telepathy would all become possible within 30 years, given the current pace of technological development.

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WNU Editor: I am not sure about the telepathy part, but I can see everything else being feasible. And who is to say that only soldiers will be the recipient of this technology. I can also see this being available to the general public.

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