Friday, November 29, 2019

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Stumbles Onto A Stage At A Business Event

Daily Mail: Angela Merkel, 65, falls to the floor as she trips over on stage, then jokes 'next time I'll use the stairs' - months after she was forced to abandon standing for national anthems

* Merkel fell over as she took to the podium at a business event in Berlin last night
* The 65-year-old said she had failed to notice the staircase leading to the stage
* Last summer she suffered a series of episodes of uncontrollable public shaking

German chancellor Angela Merkel tripped over as she made her way to a stage last night - joking that she would 'take the stairs next time' after she recovered her balance.

Merkel, who was forced to sit down during national anthems after a series of health scares over the summer, fell over as she took to the podium at a business event in Berlin on Wednesday evening.

The 65-year-old said she had failed to notice the staircase leading up to the stage and lost her balance as she tried to climb up.

'I didn't see the stairs, I'll take them next time,' she joked once she was upright again.

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WNU Editor: She no longer stands during national anthems, and now this. She does have a physical problem that no one wants to elaborate upon.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent metaphor for the existing world political establishment.

Anonymous said...

The World Political Establishment pulls crap like this:

French Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Muslim Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Who Beat Elderly Jewish Woman and Tossed Her from 3rd Floor BalconyCuz He Was High on Pot

If Muslims become untouchable watch NAZIs in the West become Muslims and meld NAZI-ism with Islam.

Liberals in the US would give them a free pass like they do in Sweden, Germany, France, and England.

Merkel, Macron, and others are all cut from the same cloth. They are asinine cowards. At least Merkel has an excuse. she can blame that she was weak of mind for many years due to morbid obesity, maybe diabetes or something. Macron has no excuse except that he is flamboyant.

The judge will know that the mainstream media will cover for her cowardice. Kobili Traoré harassed and threatened her many time before, when he was not high. The drugs did not make him do it. Islam did. But to point that out would be Islamophobic

You will get more prison time for speaking truth about Islam than people like Kobili Traoré get for murdering people, because of Islam. Leaders like Merkel and Macron make it so.

Anonymous said...

French Court’s New Analysis in the Case of Sarah Halimi’s Brutal Murder

- Simon Wiesenthal Center

How many liberal dudes have their pictures taken with Simon Wiesenthal and then when it comes time to step up spout the usual liberal talking points about Islamophobia and give excuses like no group is innocent?

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Anonymous said...

"The perpetrator, who confessed to the crime, was Kobili Traoré, a Franco-Malian Muslim. He later told authorities he knew that his victim was Jewish. According to her family, Attal had long felt afraid of Traoré. Her brother, William Attal, told me that Traoré had verbally abused her in the building’s elevator, and she had said she would only feel safe if he were in prison."

So was Traoré high all the time?

Well that is a good excuse. Always stay high and, if you are ever busted, you will not ever go to prison. LIB-justice

Bob Huntley said...