Friday, November 29, 2019

That Is One Big Narco Sub Caught Off The Coast Of Europe

Warzone/The Drive: The First Narco Submarine Ever Seized Off A European Coast Is A Monster

This is the first time authorities in Europe have intercepted one of these vessels, which have been a staple in Latin American drug smuggling.

Spanish authorities have successfully recovered a so-called narco submarine that they seized in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the country's Galacia region this past weekend. This is the first time any country in Europe has seized one of these smuggling vessels and it's not entirely clear how it made the thousands-of-miles-long journey from Latin America.

Spain's Guardia Civil, National Police, and Customs Service captured the craft off Galacia on Nov. 24, 2019. The crew had attempted to scuttle it after failing to transfer the approximately three tons of cocaine onboard to another vessel due to poor weather. Those same conditions prevented Spanish security forces from refloating the drug sub until late the next day. They then towed it to port and it has now been pulled out of the water for further inspection.

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WNU Editor: No word yet on where did it come from, and did it do the journey across the Atlantic (in primarily bad weather) by itself.

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