Friday, November 29, 2019

Tonight's Movie Is 'The Silent Enemy Gibraltar'

From Wikipedia: The Silent Enemy is a 1958 British action film directed by William Fairchild. It stars Laurence Harvey as Lionel "Buster" Crabb and describes his exploits during World War II. Based on Marshall Pugh's book Commander Crabb, it was made following the publicity created by Crabb's mysterious disappearance and likely death during a Cold War incident a year earlier.

The film depicts events in Gibraltar harbour during the World War II Italian frogman and manned torpedo attacks, although the film's depiction of those events is highly fictionalised.

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Anonymous said...

After reading about the Italian soldiers behind the Italian torpedo attacks and how brave they were, I concluded that the problem was not the Italian men, but with the Italian command structure/staff (scrambled eggs? and above) and the Italian industrial base.

Italy produced some decent planes and medium tanks during the early to mid 1930's and then it just did not keep up.

'NASCAR' was also very important in the lead up to WW2. That is the air races were important int developing good fighter aircraft in the lead up to Ww2.