Friday, November 29, 2019

Yemen's Houthi Rebels Are Claiming They Have Shot Down A Saudi Apache Helicopter

Al Jazeera: Yemen's Houthi rebels say they shot down Saudi Apache helicopter

Rebel spokesman says Houthis used surface-to-air missile to down Saudi helicopter near border, killing its 2 pilots.

Yemen's Houthi rebels have claimed the shooting down of a Saudi Apache helicopter near the border with its northern neighbour, killing two pilots a day after more than 100 Houthi prisoners were released by the Saudi-led coalition.

Yahya Sarea, a Houthi spokesman, said on Twitter that "a Saudi Apache helicopter was shot down by a surface-to-air missile ... and its two pilots were killed as it was completely burned."

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Update: Yemen's Houthis say they shot down Saudi helicopter, pilots killed: spokesman (Reuters).

WNU Editor: It is not the first time that a Saudi Apache helicopter has been shot down over Yemen .... Saudi Apache Helicopter Shot Down Over Yemen, Pilots Killed (August 22, 2015 Defence World).


Anonymous said...

Chinese made MANPADS? Just a guess.

fazman said...

The day of the helicopter and mbt on a peer enemy is coming to a end.

mlacix said...

Video of the event: