Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Captain Of The U.S. Aircraft Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt Pleads For Help With 150 To 200 Sailors Infected With Covid-19

The Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group in formation in the Indo-Pacific region, January 25, 2020. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Kaylianna Genier

Business Insider: The captain of the aircraft carrier struck by a coronavirus outbreak is begging the Navy for more help

* The commanding officer of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, which was forced into port in Guam due to a coronavirus outbreak, wrote a letter to the Navy on Monday warning that the "the spread of the disease is ongoing and accelerating."
* "Sailors do not need to die. If we do not act now, we are failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset — our Sailors," Capt. Brett Crozier, the carrier's CO, wrote in the letter exclusively obtained by The San Francisco Chronicle.
* He called on the Navy to find rooms off-ship to isolate almost the entire crew, a drastic measure the captain feels is necessary to achieve a clean ship.

The commanding officer of a deployed aircraft carrier hit by a coronavirus outbreak is pleading with the US Navy for help, pushing the service to isolate all crew members off of the ship, The San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday.

The Navy reported three coronavirus cases aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt last Tuesday. The number of cases spiked to more than 30 by Friday, Fox News reported at the time. The Chronicle reports that there are now over 100 cases aboard the carrier.

The coronavirus forced the ship into port in Guam, where the Navy is testing the entire crew for the virus. The Navy has repeatedly insisted that the ship remains operationally capable.

"The spread of the disease is ongoing and accelerating," Capt. Brett Crozier, the carrier's commanding officer, wrote in a letter to the Navy exclusively obtained by The Chronicle.

The outlet, citing an anonymous source aboard the ship, said that as many as 150 to 200 sailors have the coronavirus.

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Anonymous said...

I predicted US Navy disruptions weeks ago, just like I predicted the outcome of the FBI Trump investigation and I even predicted Trump's presidency about 2 weeks ahead of results (still have the bookie receipt for it too hehe)

I should really work for a think tank, but whatever :P

Anonymous said...

Fire the skipper. Give him a desk job. Do not promote him to admiral.

What will this guy do in combat, when a missile with a 1 ton warhead hits the ship and starts a conflag?

Too many to put on the ship's hospital. But how many need ventilators? How many just feel like crap.

If he or she wants he could put these people in their own separate berthing. Not sure how many would fit, but at least a 3rd would in one of the large spaces. The people already in that berthing would be happy to leave and go back to their home berthing space.

We are told everyone will get corona before 12 months (or thereabouts) are out. Some are especially vulnerable and should never get it. They should be quarantined for their safety until this burns itself out. But if everyone (or nearly everyone) will get it, then what is quarantine worth? The only reason would be to mange manpower IOT to get the job done, wait for better therapies and to manage scarce hospital resources.

In the skipper's, a brown shoe, defense, they have steeled themselves, are inured to many kinds of threats and chances for death from aircraft mishaps, carrier landings, combat etc. This comes at them sideways. It is not that they lack courage, but they have not psyched themselves up to meet this 'new' threat. they are letting it get to them.

( Hospital resources are necessarily scarce. Economists (i.e. experts) tell us so. You can make this resource relatively less scarce, but you will make something else more scarce. )

Anonymous said...

The problem with this virus is that prolonged exposure will reinfect you
On top, the quantity of the virus increases and too high quantities will not make you feel unwell but will make you die
quantity and LD50 matter with any molecule and biological agents, including virii

That's why I knew the people had to get off cruise ships even when they only had 1-2 patients at the beginning. This will be no different. The US navy - unless a vaccine or cure can be found - will see several ships rendered inoperable and they will all require to dock, let everyone off and deep clean for several days
It is a major, major security concern right now. Cannot emphasise this enough

Anonymous said...

I agree with your LD50 comment. Viral load is very important. It is why otherwise healthy doctors, who otherwise would live are dying.

I think your chances of getting very sick with a higher viral load is less if you had already been exposed and gotten over it. But still the higher the viral load as a recoveree, you chances still go up with each increase. Although at lower levels you are better off than a previously uninfected person.

People are taking this virus really seriously. Politicians are loading up bills with their wish list and people are still gathering in large groups for parties. A Lyft driver complained he was taking people from party to party.

Anonymous said...

What concerns me is a spoiling attack. In chemical warfare they use an acidic agent that while not particularly harmful to people trashes CBR gear. Then you follow up with you actual never agent or blood agent. It is why CBR gear has requirements to fend off more than 1 attack.

Seeing as how a Chinese researcher was smuggling in 3 vials containing 3 different infectious agents. What if you had 3 "12 monkeys". The 1st attack overwhelms the system and depletes stocks. the 2nd or 3 one is the main event.

They do this with IEDs. Blow something up with an IED and then wait for emergency responders to blow up another IED.

That is my 2 cents.