Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic In Europe -- News Updates March 30 - 31, 2020

Daily Mail: Spain becomes third country to pass China with more than 85,000 coronavirus infections as number of deaths rises 812 to 7,340

* Spain has reported 6,398 new coronavirus infections taking its total to 85,195
* It is the third country - including the US and Italy - to surpass China's case total
* Spain also recorded 812 deaths, bringing the total number killed to 7,340
* Increase in deaths was marginally lower than the 838 recorded on Sunday

Spain has become the third country to surpass China's coronavirus infection total after the number of cases rose by almost 6,400 overnight.

Health authorities said Monday that they had diagnosed a total of 85,195 cases of the virus, up by 6,398 from 78,797 reported the day before. China has reported more than 82,000 cases.

The US - with more than 140,000 confirmed cases - and Italy - with almost 100,000 - have also surpassed China's figure.

Spain's death toll also increased by 812 overnight from 6,528 to 7,340. Monday's increase was steep, but not as steep as Sunday's total of 838 which marked the country's worst day of the pandemic so far.

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Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic In Spain -- News Updates March 30 - 31, 2020

Coronavirus: Spain's coronavirus outbreak 'slowing' -- BBC
Spanish coronavirus cases surpass China but death rate slows -- SCMP/AFP
Spain overtakes China in coronavirus infections -- Reuters
Spain’s health crisis chief tests positive for coronavirus as infections top China’s -- France 24
Coronavirus in Spain: From tourism hotspot to contagion hotbed -- DW

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic In Italy -- News Updates March 30 - 31, 2020

Coronavirus death toll in Italy's Lombardy rises by around 458 in a day: source -- Reuters
Italy to extend coronavirus lockdown until Easter as new cases fall -- Reuters
'Growth of coronavirus slowing down in Italy's Lombardy,' regional VP tells FRANCE 24 -- France 24
Italy EXTENDS lockdown beyond Easter: Rigorous restrictions appear finally to be working as number of daily coronavirus infections falls to 4,050, the lowest in nearly two weeks -- Daily Mail

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic In France -- News Updates March 30 - 31, 2020

Coronavirus: France reports record 418 fatalities in 24 hours, death toll surpasses 3000 -- France 24
France sees worst daily death toll as army ferries critical virus patients -- Reuters
Is France being pushed to breaking point? -- The Spectator

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic In The U.K. -- News Updates March 30 - 31, 2020

UK coronavirus death toll surpasses 1,400 as Prince Charles leaves isolation -- France 24
Coronavirus lockdown could last 'six months or more', warns UK chief medical officer -- France 24
Is the spread of coronavirus in the UK really slowing down? -- The Guardian
‘ONE IN FOUR’ UK doctors forced off work as Covid-19 pandemic causes severe headache for healthcare system -- RT

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic In Russia -- News Updates March 30 - 31, 2020

Moscow enters lockdown: Streets are empty as Putin closes non-essential shops after Russian capital is hit by more than 1,000 cases -- Daily Mail
Moscow goes into lockdown, urges other regions to take steps to slow coronavirus -- France 24
Moscow comes under citywide lockdown -- TASS
St. Petersburg in self-isolation: Russia’s northern capital put into partial lockdown over coronavirus -- RT
Almost half of new Covid-19 patients in Moscow are between 18 and 40 – disease response team -- RT
Russians seek refuge from coronavirus in dacha country homes -- Reuters

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic In Europe -- News Updates March 30 - 31, 2020

Germany will test 200,000 people a DAY for coronavirus in bid to replicate South Korea's success in slowing the outbreak -- Daily Mail
Coronavirus: Austria, in a shift, requires mask-wearing in supermarkets to cut pandemic’s spread -- SCMP
'They are leading us to catastrophe': Sweden's coronavirus stoicism begins to jar -- The Guardian
Sweden says no to quarantine – is this the most reckless or the most proportionate Covid-19 response in the West? -- RT
Georgia PM declares curfew starting Tuesday to halt coronavirus spread -- Reuters

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