Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Entire Crew Aboard A Russian Nuclear Submarine Are In Quarantine After Being Exposed To Covid-19

The Barents Observer: Entire crew of nuclear submarine in coronavirus quarantine

A civilian who went onboard the cruise-missile carrier “Orel” had met with a man who tested positive to the coronavirus.

“Orel” (K-266) is an Oscar-II class nuclear-powered submarine sailing for the Northern Fleet. Normally, the submarine has a crew of about 110 sailors.

The civilian that had met with a man infected with the coronavirus was on board “Orel” in a “business matter”, Murmansk-based news-online B-port reports.

Also, the crew of a nearby submarine and the personnel on a floating workshop are placed in quarantine.

The submarine is based in Zapadnaya Litsa, the westernmost bases of the Northern Fleet on the Kola Peninsula.

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WNU Editor: If you can read Russian, the original report is here .... Экипаж подводного крейсера «Орёл» поместили на карантин (b-port.com).


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