Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Head of Army Corps of Engineers Reveals 'Immense' Operation To Build 341 Field Hospitals Across America To Fight The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Lt. General Todd Semonite appeared on Good Morning America to reveal his plan and explain how the army goes about selecting appropriate sites

Daily Mail: Head of Army Corps of Engineers reveals 'immense' operation to build 341 field hospitals across America to battle coronavirus - and US Open Queens Stadium will be among them

* Lt. General Todd Semonite spoke on Tuesday to share his plan for field hospitals across America
* There are already eight sites being built as temporary hospitals and another five will start construction today
* It is unclear if the eight now being built are in New York, or further afield but the Corps is planning nationally
* By the time the operation is complete, he says there will be 341 field hospitals across the country
* The Queens Stadium complex in New York, where the US Open is held, is among them
* 350 beds will go in its indoor training center and the Louis Armstrong Stadium will be used as a commissary to pump out meals for healthcare staff
* The US coronavirus case total is now more than 181,000 and the death toll is more than 3,699
* The US has now surpassed China in both the total number of cases and deaths due to the virus
* The peak is yet to hit anywhere in the country and experts say some states will be suffering until August

The head of the Army Corps of Engineers revealed his plan to build 341 coronavirus field hospitals across the US to battle the pandemic on Tuesday, and one will be the US Open Arena in New York City.

Lt. General Todd Semonite appeared on Good Morning America to reveal his plan and explain how the army goes about selecting appropriate sites.

There are already temporary hospitals being built in New York and Illinois, but contracts are expected to be signed on others throughout the day.

Among the facilities in New York is the Javits Center and Central Park in Manhattan. On Monday, Queens Stadium which hosts the US Open every year announced it was turning its various facilities into a hospital and commissary where meals will be prepared for the city's healthcare workers. The others are the Westchester Civic Center, SUNY Stony Brook and SUNY Westbury.

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WNU Editor: That is a lot of field hospitals.

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Anonymous said...

If they expect a need for 341 field hospitals..
look at the number.. 341.. not 340, not 350.. they build the max they can.. 341... they expect bad, bad times.

If I was living in the US right now, I'd be
1. buying a gun and lots of ammo
2. make sure I've got survival equipment and food
3. have a country side hideout bunker :D

Damn, I've been watching too many DOOMSDAY PREPPER videos.. but.. so have many,many Americans. 50 million easily are armed to the teeth. The rednecks, the bible grabbers, as Obama called them. They are prepared for this. And the people in NYC.. they are fcked. And they too will pray. We all will pray. And we will realize how important it is to help each other - yes, but also how important borders are - that is the cruel reality of life. The unfairness of life.

The US will see a storm of the southern border if this persists. Because in the South - unless the hot weather will limit the spread of the virus (but data on that not entirely clear) - things are already bad.. Venezuela.. they likely have very few staffed hospitals as it is, and only the rich get to get treatment. If people in the South die at any rate comparable to Spain or Italy.. they will flee up North - I would try too. It is human nature and understandable.

But the US will not be able to help. They will not be able to let them in. The worst might happen. The unimaginable.

On a more fun note: I'm sure Michael Bay and ‎M. Night Shyamalan are writing shit down right now. A-10s, Zombies, Armies, Explosions, New cold war, Virii. Gawwddamn, this will be an epic few years @ Hollywood. IF we survive. MUURIIICAAAA! :D