Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Israel's 'Doomsday Bunker' Has Been Activated

Warzone/The Drive: This Is Israel's Doomsday Bunker For Top Officials That Has Been Activated For COVID-19

The deep underground facility was built for the Israeli government to safely operate during and manage a crisis. COVID-19 appears to be such an event.

Isreal has activated its National Management Center (NMC), a continuity of government (COG) bunker that looks right out of a science fiction movie. The facility serves as an extremely hardened command and control site for top Israeli officials so that they can continue to run the country during a major crisis. The spinning-up of the National Management Center is a result of the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the country and the potential instability and strategic implications that could go along with the outbreak. As The War Zone recently noted the U.S. government has done the same, activating its Cheyenne Mountain underground complex and other hardened installations as the virus spreads through the U.S. population and the United States military.

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WNU Editor: I suspect that every major country in the world has activated similar facilities that are isolated and in quarantine to handle this crisis in the event that their central government succumbs to this pandemic.


Anonymous said...

Not sure the date of the photo. However there appears to be contractor trailers at the top of the picture outside the main wall. Looks as though lots of contractors are there doing construction. Probably continuous and lucrative.

G said...

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