Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tweets For Today


Anonymous said...

Bill de Blasio Threatens to 'Permanently' Close Churches, Synagogues if They Meet During Coronavirus

1) Doesn't look like DeBlasio has not read the US Constitution. If he has, he didn't like it.

2) Liquor stores are essential, but not churches?

3) Closing a church down for the duration might go by with no comment, but saying forever showed deBLasio's true red liberal colors.

4) Could recoverees of COVID-19 who have acquired immunity congregate at a church as a congregation?

Fun Fact. deBlasio is not his real surname. That would be Wilhelm, which is to whole for Bill. The Italian name looks more suitably Hispanic, which is an asset in the identity politics of liberals.
Bill won't use his father's name but he will use his father's PTSD to garner sympathy. Having it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous Density: Should Coronavirus Change Our Thinking on City Living?

Some liberals want everyone to live in a few big coastal cities stacked on on top of the other in arcologies and make the Midwest in to a prehistoric game preserve.





Restoring America's Big, Wild Animals SCIAM June 2007

"In the fall of 2004 a dozen conservation biologists gathered on a ranch in New Mexico to ponder a bold plan." Rounding up humans and making them all live in New York City.

Warren Buffet would be left homeless.

People who talk about deep rewilding are naturally deep thinkers. Deeper than thou.


Anonymous said...

So much ink spilt.

So little data on co-morbidities parceled out by the legacies.

If they would it would be in small dollops for our own good.

So many computers and so many databases. So many politicians telling people they should learn to code.
Yet, so few graphics, graphs or charts, unless a legacy wants to bludgeon someone.

Seriously, how hard is a stem and leaf to make? A journalism graph should be able to create one of those with a data set and a query. What do they learn in journalism beside Das Capital?

Anonymous said...

White House Economists Warned in 2019 a Pandemic Could Devastate America

A study published last fall went unheeded. Its lead author now says economic shutdowns to fight the coronavirus could last up to eight months.