Tuesday, March 31, 2020

World News Briefs -- March 31, 2020 (Evening Edition)

Daily Mail: BREAKING NEWS: 'Prepare for 100,000 to die.' Tony Fauci warns of astonishing death toll and tells areas not on lockdown to take action NOW - as Donald Trump says next two weeks will be 'VERY painful' and White House reveals even worse projections

* Dr. Tony Fauci warned Americans should be prepared for 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus
* 'The answer is yes - as sobering a number as that is, we should be prepared for it'
* The White House projected 100,000 to 240,000 deaths in the U.S. if current social distancing guidelines are maintained
* President Donald Trump said the prediction was 'sobering'
* 'This is going to be a very painful, a very, very painful two weeks,' Trump said
* The U.S. death toll stands at 3,669 as of late Tuesday afternoon
* The outbreak hit America two months ago, and has left more than 180,000 sick
* China's official death toll stands at about 3,300
* U.S. cases have now overtaken hard-hit Italy and Spain
* Worldwide, more than 800,000 people have been infected and 40,000 died
* Experts have cast doubt on the reliability of China's figures

Dr. Tony Fauci painted a grim picture for Americans on Tuesday, warning that people should be prepared for 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus.

'The answer is yes - as sobering a number as that is, we should be prepared for it,' he said when asked about the six-figure mark during the daily White House press briefing. 'Is it going to be that much? I hope not and I think the more we push on the mitigation the less likely to be that number but, being realistic, we need to prepare ourselves that is a possibility that that's what we'll see.'

The White House projected 100,000 to 240,000 deaths in the U.S. if current social distancing guidelines are maintained.

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Syria air defences down Israeli missiles over Homs: state media.

Syrian forces retake control of prison after inmates riot.

Saudi Arabia says it struck Yemen missile sites where Iran's military was present. Saudi-UAE coalition carries out air raids on Yemen's Sanaa.

Iran says 'terrorist' attack inside Turkey halts natural gas flow.

U.S. could rethink Iran sanctions in light of coronavirus: Pompeo.

Coronavirus: Fearing 'humanitarian disaster' US Senators call for renewed US aid to Palestine.

Outrage over denial of amnesty for Turkish political prisoners.

Trump, Erdogan stress need for Syria, Libya ceasefires: W.House.


Afghanistan: Taliban team in Kabul for prisoner exchange process.

COVID-19: 'Panic' among India health workers over PPE shortages.

China to begin reporting asymptomatic coronavirus cases in its daily tally.

Turkmenistan has banned use of the word 'coronavirus'.

Myanmar braces for surge in coronavirus cases.

Japan on brink of emergency as coronavirus spreads: government spokesman.

The coronavirus pandemic could push 11 million people in Asia into poverty, World Bank warns.

African swine fever outbreak in Papua New Guinea has Australian biosecurity on high alert.

Huge forest fire kills 18 firefighters and one guide in China.


Malian parliamentary elections marred by kidnappings, attacks.

Security forces use violent tactics to enforce Africa's coronavirus shutdowns.

Ethiopia postpones August elections due to coronavirus.

Somalia closes down madrassas to stop virus.

Tunisia extends lockdown by two weeks, releases prisoners.

EU launches Libya military mission.

Egypt's most famous Giza pyramid lit up with tribute, safety messages.


COVID-19: Spain, France record highest single-day deaths.

Italy reports 837 new coronavirus deaths.

Spain registers overnight death toll of 849, highest so far. As Spain records deadliest day, coronavirus lockdown stirs unrest.

Nationwide lockdown should soon ease coronavirus pandemic in Italy, WHO says.

Coronavirus: France reports record 499 deaths in a day, total death toll of 3,523.

UK coronavirus deaths rise by 381 in 24 hours as 13-year-old boy dies.

Coronavirus: Russia includes jail terms to enforce crackdown.

Hungary’s nationalist leader Viktor Orban is ruling by decree indefinitely amid coronavirus.

Belarusian leader bucks coronavirus 'psychosis,' plays hockey.


U.S. coronavirus death toll eclipses China's as it climbs to 3,669 in nearly two months after the outbreak hit. White House predicts 100,000 to 240,000 will die in US from coronavirus. White House projects grim death toll from coronavirus.

Trump tells Americans to brace for 'very, very painful two weeks'.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo orders Americans to return home 'immediately' due to COVID-19 saying he cannot guarantee charter flights once commercial planes cease to operate.

US offers Venezuela sanctions relief for power-sharing agreement.

Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido accused of attempted coup.

World's busiest border falls quiet with millions of Mexicans barred from U.S..

Mexican president: My rivals will take over country if I self-quarantine.

Ongoing drought in Brazil, Argentina threatens crucial crop harvests.


Dow plunges 400 points as the index finishes its worst first quarter in history while consumer confidence falls to a near three-year low amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus: Stock markets suffer worst quarter since 1987.

Oil price war: Analysts expect prices to drop further.

World Bank forecasts growth to drastically slow amid pandemic.

A food crisis looms as coronavirus forces farms to stay idle and countries hoard supplies.

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