Monday, April 6, 2020

Former Captain Of The Aircraft Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt Tested Positive For The Covid-19 Coronavirus

Daily Mail: Fired captain of USS Theodore Roosevelt tests positive for coronavirus as it's revealed top US commanders 'were opposed to his dismissal but were OVERRULED by Navy secretary because Trump wanted him gone over letter'

* Capt. Brett Crozier has tested positive for COVID-19, according to close friends
* Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly decided to remove Crozier on Thursday
* Crozier wrote letter to Navy high command about coronavirus on USS Roosevelt
* He demanded Navy evacuate aircraft carrier due to an outbreak on board
* Crozier's letter was eventually leaked to the news media on Monday
* Military chiefs initially began investigation into the leak of Crozier's letter
* Acting secretary reportedly fired him immediately against colleagues' advice
* Modly is reported to have been told that the president wanted Crozier gone
* Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of Joint Chiefs, reportedly backed military probe
* Top naval officer, Adm. Michael Gilday, is also said to have opposed termination
* But they were reportedly overruled by Modly, who announced firing on Thursday
* Video online shows sailors giving rousing salute to Modly as he left ship in Guam

Captain Brett Crozier, the officer who was relieved of command of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt after his letter warning of a coronavirus outbreak on board the ship leaked to the press, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Two Naval Academy classmates of Crozier who remain close to the family revealed the diagnosis to The New York Times on Sunday.

The classmates told the Times that Crozier began to show symptoms of the disease before he was dismissed by Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly on Thursday.

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WNU Editor: The Pentagon says President Trump was not involved in the firing of Capt. Brett Crozier, but the President supports the firing .... Donald Trump says he '100 percent' agrees with the firing of USS Theodore Roosevelt captain and blasts the Navy commander for his 'terrible' leaked letter warning of coronavirus that infected 155 of the crew (Daily Mail). The acting US Navy Secretary is clearly unhappy with Capt. Brett Crozier .... Acting U.S. Navy chief says fired ship captain may have been 'stupid' -officials (Reuters). As for the sailors, according to the media reports they support the captain .... USS Theodore Roosevelt sailors believe fired captain should have been PROMOTED for letter pleading for help to evacuate and say they 'braced for the worst' when coronavirus spread through the ship (Daily Mail).

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Anonymous said...

I think he went beyond what was necessary. Why write a lengthy letter and circulate it like that at the height of a national security crisis? Obviously this virus could be a first strike weapon (not saying it is but could well be)..obviously the US Navy is under constraint to protect the homeland and operations around the world. Obviously you want to protect your sailors.. but to declare as captain that you're not at war and you're fcked is beyond you're pay grade to state, declare or imply. This was a SJW who got cold feet serving when it got hot. He must have known he'll be taken off the ship. That's what he accomplished. The sailors would have been taken care of without the national disgrace and following national security implications and weakness highlighted to adversaries more than nationally.

Anonymous said...

thank, landlubber

B.Poster said...

The vast majority of crew members will most likely be young and without pre existing health conditions. As such, with a very few exceptions they would have been expected to do fine. As with any pathogen, while it may have a "profile" as to who is most likely to suffer ill effects it will take a few who do not fit this "profile." Those who were having the most trouble could have been evacuated. With few exceptions most of the crew would have been able to continue their duties albeit with mild cold or perhaps flu like symptoms that would dissipate in short order. Furthermore in a space like a ship it would be vulnerable to spread of a pathogens so we would expect that it would be a basic part o basic war preparation that the Navy would practice scenarios where much of the crew is debilitated by some sort of sickness. Such preparation would be experiential common sense.

This captain appears to have panicked here. He's "begging" for help as one report put it. When one is captain of a ship at sea, he/she cannot call home base anytime there is a problem begging home base to save him/her and the crew. While advice may be sought, it is done through the chain of command if they cannot solve problems without a "safety net" of home base, perhaps they do not need to be out there in that position as this is an untenable position for both crew and the captain.

If the captain cannot handle a COVID-19 outbreak onboard his vessel without panicking, I would not envision anyway he would be able to handle a far more serious challenge such as an Iranian speedboat attack let alone an attack by a Russian or Chinese submarine. As for the crew cheering their weak-kneed captain, perhaps the military is in even worse shape than I thought. After all its been well known for a long time that morale is low and training has suffered due to the continuing and fruitless deployments around the world. Perhaps Trump's instincts to try and end Cold War 2 were even more spot on than I initially thought!!

Anonymous said...

1:25 flatulated and thus spoke its mind.

Anonymous said...

I read the Captain's letter and it seemed to be in response to the lack of any policy in the Navy to handle Covid19 aboard naval vessels. I am not certain if this is correct, however the Captain did not suggest any measures to help prevent Covid-19 transmission aboard a naval vessel, he seemed to be expecting someone else to construct a meaningful policy. Where the Captain went wrong, and where whoever leaked the Navy Secretary's talk to the media, is that military personnel leaking information to the media can no longer be tolerated. This is not Obama's military any longer. I suggest military personnel need to man up and stop the bullshit leaking to the media, coz those who do will be identified and sacked, and rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

Poster; the Capt himself did NOT circulate the letter. The young etc are going to be ok? Screw you: they are sick and can not be assigned tasks...
many young are dying. Check-in Moscow and see how your fellow trolls are doing
anon 1:25 go fuck yourself