Sunday, May 31, 2020

Tweets For Today


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness nobody attacked these noble antifa peace ambassadors while they defended the nation from FASCISM by beating an old woman with 2x4's as she stepped outside her store to see who was smashing her windows. I don't know if Don Lemon has had much sleep these past few days and these poor young men would've required the type of aid that only a national media outlet could offer if any harm were to have come to them.


Fortunately these brave "white supremecists" were able to beat and stone this evil store owner to death last night when he infringed on their right to peacefully loot and burn down his property.

Anonymous said...

I went there and saw

It was horrific.

I have no sympathy for the usual suspects.

I think parrot would be so proud of that guy getting fucked up and bleeding out on the street.

I thought about the riots in Minneapolis. With Moochelle Obama sitting at 35,000 feet in the box seats condemning the police. I was thinking if she had led them then maybe they would not have gone violent at least around her or the level of violence would be less.

But that would be work. She would have to descend from the lofty box seats or make an arduous journey of 2 hours form her low lying mansion by the sea.

You know work like walking from the site of George Floyd's death to city hall.

You know work.

She is allergic to it.