Wednesday, July 22, 2020

It Appears That Google Has A Black List Of Conservative Sites (War News Updates Is On The List)

Google on Tuesday briefly stopped displaying conservative news outlets from its search

Daily Mail: Google's right-wing blacklist: Ex-engineer at tech giant says glitch which blocked some conservative websites from appearing in their search may have exposed a secret internal list which suppresses certain outlets

* Google on Tuesday morning for several hours did not display conservative news
* The company says they're aware of the incident but did not give an explanation
* A former Google engineer told Mediate he believes it exposes a 'secret blacklist'
* CEO Sundar Pichai says Google doesn't 'manually intervene' in search results

Google may have a 'secret blacklist' of conservative news outlets, a former engineer at the company has claimed, which was exposed on Tuesday when certain websites briefly vanished from Google search results.

Mike Wacker, a Google engineer who was fired from the company in June 2019 amid a row over his conservative ideology, said the brief incident on Tuesday suggested a 'blacklist'.

'It appears to have revealed the existence of another blacklist that disproportionately targets conservatives,' Wacker told Mediaite.

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WNU Editor: War News Updates was one of those sites black-listed. Hat tip to reader James for pointing out to me earlier in the day that WNU was blacklisted by Google.


Anonymous said...

Shame on them! I cannot express my appreciation for all that you do. You provide an unparalleled and informed take on geopolitics.

RussInSoCal said...

/I'm sure google wouldn't mind at all if you published the list on their own "blogger" site.

Anonymous said...

At what point will suppossedly conservative politicians grow a spine and drop a hammer on these nitwits? Trump has been president for almost 4 years. Why hasn't he signed an executive order putting an end to this? It would be so easy. Just give these companies the same "temporary" ban they give out to their users as a violation of the "community standards" of the 1st amendment of the constitution.

Anonymous said...

WNU, is there a complete list that shows all the blacklisted sites including yours?

Crusader said...

Blimmin’ heck! Talk about losing faith in the world.
How do you feel, Mr WNU?

Anonymous said...

You are the real victim, WNU.

Next thing you know, armed thugs in unmarked uniforms and vehicles will find you, abduct you, take you to the courthouse and call it legal.

But that is the price of law and order.

Anonymous said...

WNU, get a known lawyer and sue them!!!!!! They'll likely settle because we all know they do this shit and they cannot let it come out. The only way to keep it hidden is by settling outside court!!!

Layguy said...

I remember when I first began visiting your site wnu. I remarked my fear for your sites well being. To me it was and still is exceptional. You have drawn the all seeing eye to your site and your visitors. Good luck to you wnu. We are here.

Anonymous said...

1) Unmarked cars and plainclothes officers are used all the time. What matters is, if they have probably cause.

2) People are alleging this, who are the same people, are the same people, who participated or approved of 40 days and 40 nights of rioting.

It comes down if riots, then feds.

OR conversely No riots, the no feds.

Choose wisely

Dov Sar said...

Congratulations! This just proves your site is worth reading. I have recommended it to others and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Roger stone was pulled out of his house by feds send CNN team tipped off to make a big deal and spin a narrative for more than a year. This shameful targeting of Republicans needs to end and those who participated in this sham need to go to prison for real. Pulling a fully armed swat like team on an old man for a fake crime. Then ruining him. This is exactly how Nazi Germany started. Fckin Democrats and their lies and mobs and cancel culture and Gestapo tactics. Many on the left to this day believe in the Russia hoax. That's why they keep Flynn in the courts, violating all laws. The judge is a disgrace. CNN is a disgrace. The Democrat party of today is a disgrace. People want justice!!@

Anonymous said...

That guy, who we shall not name, was told Google was evil 2 years ago and he refused to believe.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Cernekee, a former Google engineer who told several media outlets that he was fired for being an outspoken conservative, had a history of defending white nationalist ideals and organizations, according to a lengthy internal email posted by another conservative employee in 2018.

However, Cernekee denies he agrees with alt-right viewpoints, and says he was simply being smeared for being an advocate of free speech.

Mike Wacker, a Google employee who describes himself as a conservative, claimed Cernekee led conversations that defended white nationalism and garnered a band of followers internally. Wacker’s message, which was initially sent to an internal mailing list for Republican Googlers in 2018 and forwarded to CNBC, shows that even some conservative employees have been at odds with the far-right conservatives within the company. The Daily Caller reported on the Cernekee’s internal messages Monday night.

Google has faced public criticism by vocal employees from both sides of the aisle. In early 2018, former Google engineer James Damore claimed Google leaders discriminated against him and other employees for having conservative views. Some liberal employees who organized a massive walkout for policies against sexual harassment, alleged company leaders also retaliated against them for speaking out.

Anonymous said...

The old muddy the water and both sides do it arguments

"Google has faced public criticism by vocal employees from both sides of the aisle."\

"had a history of defending white nationalist ideals and organizations, "

After calling PJ Media, Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, and so many others site as alt-right and after having said Republicans dog whistle every year, 9:04, your arguments have the exactly opposite effect that you intend.

Just STFU Bitch

Anonymous said...

Defending someone's right to speak is different than being a nazi or fascist, I'd argue it's closer to the opposite

Also, the real nazis are CNN/Nytimes who use every lie and every smear possible and never have to pay for their crimes of slander

Anonymous said...

Lol exactly@1019, you beat me to it by one minute

The gig is up. This tyranny of the left must stop and they must pay for their crimes of silencing. And THEY openly support China and make deals with them every damn day. Fingers liars and traitors

Anonymous said...

July 22, 2020 at 10:19 AM

prove othewise. asserting somerthing does not make it so

Anonymous said...


Take you own medicine.

Every conservative publication other than WSJ and NRO have been called alt-right.

So your assertion:
" that defended white nationalism"

rings fucking hollow.