Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Russia Begins Trials Of Its Newest Generation Of Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Photo by the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects

Defence-Blog: Russia begins trials of new generation unmanned ground vehicle

Russia has begun trials of the new Marker unmanned ground system, the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects announced on 29 June.

The Marker unmanned ground system is the joint project of the Center and the Android Technics Scientific Production Association. The modular platform is supposed to become the key element for practice of joint operation of ground robots, unmanned aviation and Special Operations forces. The Marker is positioned as a construction set for development of combat models in the future.

The final testing stage of the Marker robot will take place in 2021, then the robot will be handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defense, says Oleg Martyanov, who heads the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects’ National Center for the Development of Technologies and Basic Elements of Robotics.

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Update: Don’t Panic, But Russia Is Training Its Robot Tanks To Understand Human Speech (Forbes)

WNU Editor: From what I know. The Russian military still has a long time to go when it comes to unmanned vehicles.