Monday, August 31, 2020

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 31, 2020

Turkish and European naval forces in the Mediterranean © France 24

France 24: Troubled waters: Greek-Turkish escalations in the Mediterranean

Greece and Turkey have increased their military manoeuvres in the Mediterranean Sea in recent days. At the heart of the dispute between the historic rivals lies the search for hydrocarbons.

Tensions have been mounting in the Mediterranean Sea in recent days with announcements of military exercises in the area emerging from a slew of countries. It has not reached the stage of open conflict fortunately, but the escalations between Greece and Turkey have been alarming.

On the one hand, Turkey on Thursday announced that it would conduct military exercises, including firing exercises, on September 1 and 2 off the Turkish town of Iskenderun, north east of Cyprus.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 31, 2020

Turkey Tells Greece to Pull Troops From Island at Heart of Rift -- Bloomberg

France joins Greece's naval exercises amid Turkey row -- DW

F-22s Intercept 6 Russian Aircraft Near Alaska, Russian Fighters Intercept B-52 Over Black Sea -- Air Force Magazine

Six US Air Force B-52 bombers make symbolic sweep over all NATO members -- Defense News

B-52s to fly over all 30 NATO countries in a single day -- UPI

Russian Top Gun 'headbutts' B-52: Dramatic footage shows Su-27 fighter jet with afterburner on cut in front of nuclear-capable US bomber to wash it in turbulence in dangerous intercept over the Black Sea -- Daily Mail

Russian aircraft cross within 100 feet of B-52 in international waters -- The Hill

That U.S. Air Force B-52 Flying Over The Black Sea Was Bait For The Russians -- Forbes

The U.S. Army's Upgraded Abrams Tank, Explained -- National Interest

Airbus unveils B-model Lakota helos to enter US Army fleet next year -- Defense News

Lockheed Martin receives $911 million for THAAD support -- Defence-Blog

US Navy Turns to Drones, AI to Monitor Rust -- Defense One

Space Force boldly goes to Silicon Valley to get a Star Trek-flavored software boost -- CNBC

Lost In Space: Why America Needs a New Defense Strategy -- National Interest

Court Upholds Bowe Bergdahl's Sentence Despite Trump 'Dirty Traitor' Comments --

US Navy sends warship near disputed islands a day after China’s ’carrier killer’ missile test -- Navy Times

US plans further troop reductions in Iraq by November -- AP

French spying: Senior army officer investigated -- BBC

Ukraine’s newest spy ship set sail -- Defense Blog

Ukrainian Air Force exercise almost ends in disaster -- Defense Blog

NORAD intercepts three groups of Russian planes near Alaska -- UPI

Russian navy conducts major maneuvers near Alaska -- Military Times/AP

Two Russian Warships Arrive in Sri Lanka on Business Call - Pacific Fleet Spokesman -- Sputnik

India Withdraws From War Games in Russia Over Row With China, Which is Also Taking Part -- Sputnik

New F-16 fighter jet maintenance centre gives Taiwan an edge in defence and striking ability: President Tsai -- SCMP

Taiwan’s president emphasizes defense amid growing China threat -- Defense News

Taiwan Claims China Lacks ‘Full Assault’ Capability to Bring ‘Breakaway Province’ Under Control -- Sputnik

Japan secures first-ever major defense export with Philippine radar order -- Defense News

South Korea appoints new military chiefs amid OPCON plans -- UPI

Thai submarine purchase hits rough seas -- Defense News

In a Robot War, Kill the Humans -- Defense One


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