Sunday, November 29, 2020

Breaking News!! Joe Biden Has ‘Hairline Fractures’ In His Foot After He Slipped And Fell

WNU Editor: I hope he recovers quickly. They say he was playing with his dog when he slipped and fell. I do not understand why his hairline fractures are on his foot. Usually when you fall the injury is on the upper body. 

Falling is something that all seniors have to be careful with. I have more than my share on taking care of seniors like my mom who has cognitive problems and difficulty walking .... and falling because of it. She suffered a hairline fracture on her hand when she first fell. It was after that fall that I learned she was starting to have memory/cognitive problems, and took measures to make minimize any chance of that happening again in the future.

Did Joe Biden fall because he has cognitive problems .... I do not know. But how he walks reminds me of people who have these type of health issues, and why they and the people around him need to be careful. 

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Anonymous said...

Hope it's minor and recovery is swift and sure.

Anonymous said...

I am ambivalent. After hearing what Malveaux wished on Clarence Thomas and everything since then, why should I not fight fire with fire?

“You know, I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease.”

When conservative Betsy Hart protested, Malveaux wouldn’t back down.

“Well, that’s how I feel. He is an absolutely reprehensible person.”

- Malveaux 1994 on PUBLIC BROADCASTING System

"Malveaux appeared regularly on CNN, BET, as well as on Howard University's television show, Evening Exchange. She has appeared on PBS's To The Contrary, KQED's Forum, ABC’s Politically Incorrect, Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor, TV One's News One Now, with Roland Martin and stations such as C-SPAN, MSNBC and CNBC. She has also hosted talk radio programs in Washington, San Francisco, and New York, as well as a nationally broadcast, daily talk show that aired on the Pacifica Radio network from 1995 to 1996. She appeared on Black in America: Reclaiming the Dream hosted by Soledad O'Brien as a panelist on CNN in 2008."

On the plus side if Joe does make it to office, the chickens will come home to roost. The Democrat Party will have a lot of splaining to do when that olde bucket of bolts falls apart.

Shouldn't be a problem for the spin meisters at the DNC. They make a sleazy used car salesman seem as honest as the day in long on St John's Fay in Anchorage, Alaska.

Now that the author question how the foot got fractured, it makes more suspicious. We saw how Slow Joe ran to the podium a few times. It was a slow motion jog. So I cannot think that he can play with the dog other than to toss a ball a very short distance.

How do you break you foot paying catch with your dog?

Maybe it was the Harry Reid treatment?

Anonymous said...

It could be a cover story for medical visits about an entirely different issue. Hair line foot fractures are notorious for their difficulty of treatment. Also they're also notorious for vagueness in recuperation time.

RussInSoCal said...

During the campaign, Biden often tried to "jog" to the podium where he was to attempt to read his teleprompter. In one such instance - as he was "jogging" to the stage after Obama repeatedly had to shout his name - he stumbled. Almost went down.

Doubt there's any video of this mishap. Getting dragged down by your rescue GSD just isn't the look you want to embody your new *presidency.



Jac said...

Biden health problems....that's just the beginning. He doesn't have the power yet, now imagine what will be in the next 4 years!...or less.

Anonymous said...

Republicans Plan to Occupy Georgia State House in Response to Secretary of State Ordering Dominion Voting Machines to Be Wiped

Magic is not real. It is make believe for children. Then I learned that the DNC is full of necromancers and Joe Biden is their creation.

Anonymous said...

Nice segue from election to post election troll. The Editor is a diplomat, IT, business, military and political expert with friends in high places around the world. Add to that accident expert and neurologist!

I really appreciate your expert use of the RT technique to instill doubt.

Always entertaining.

Amp1776 said...

Harris pushed him...

Anonymous said...


We are all Anon (exceopt Russ & Jac (quasi)).

Most of us are Anon.

So to whom were you replying?

We all know what our eyes and ears tell us. Even absence of information speaks volumes. Why are the NECRO's hiding him?

Anonymous said...


Have you read Gulliver's Travels?

Anonymous said...

tempest in teapot
I broke my collar bone when 5....ankle in my 80s
still walk a mile a day and read a few books weekly

Anonymous said...

tempest in teapot

(1) Which why you are here playing D.

(2) Which is why they kept Joe caged in his basement. I find it odd that couples live on separate floors of the same house. There is usually a story there.

When they could no longer keep Joe penned up, they literally trotted him out like at a dog show. What is that slow jogging? I don't remember many politicians doing anything like that. Maybe there are some but it must be rare. I hope I never see a politician jog again. Especially, when the jog is no faster than a normal walk.

All a politician needs is to stand straight, shoulder back and walk briskly.

(3) So you had a broken ankle. While your grammar sucks bigly, you are not like Joe. He is demented. It has been shown in many speeches over the past 18 months, which is why they lock him up in the kennel in the basement.

Truth is Joe was fighting over table scraps and got bit on the foot. It happens. A dog's gotta eat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gerammar? sorry. the cat tripped over my fingers while typing.
just listen to trump: do no wear a mask. hang out with many at social events. the virus is fake. the numbers are fake. all is fake but what your leader tells you. he really won the election, right? and the courts (all two dozen) are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Clerky you should know better!

Anonymous said...


I go to many social events, but none so dazzling and scrumdiddlyumptious as the one at the French Laundry. None of us wore masks. The food was divine. It ought to be for $850 per plate. All the beautiful people there including Governor Newsome. I am the one in the far right of the picture.

When you are the speaker of the house for a state legislature and you can get you daughter on the state supreme court, court rulings must be viewed with a jaundiced eye.

Anonymous said...

[ big-lee ]

in a big way; greatly:

Poor, dumb, benighted English majors, I pity them.

Anonymous said...

"But lexicographer Kory Stamper, who writes and edits dictionary definitions for Merriam-Webster, wants it known that bigly is a real word"

kidd said...