Monday, November 30, 2020

China Wants Your DNA

In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping, centre, wearing a protective face mask, talks to a medical staff member during his visit to the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing. (AP/PTI) 

"We need to further harmonize policies and standards and establish 'fast tracks' to facilitate the orderly flow of personnel," said Chinese ruler Xi Jinping to the virtual G20 Leaders' Summit on November 21. "China has proposed a global mechanism on the mutual recognition of health certificates based on nucleic acid test results in the form of internationally accepted QR codes. We hope more countries will join this mechanism." 

No, this is not a benign proposal to facilitate international travel and trade. On the contrary, this is almost certainly another Chinese initiative to enlarge its collection of the DNA of the world's population. 

And why does China want such sensitive data? Beijing is determined to dominate the biotech industry. Beijing may also be developing biological weapons designed to target certain ethnic groups. 

WNU Editor: Here are more details on what China wants to do .... China Wants The World To Adopt A Passenger Tracking System For Global Travel (November 23, 2020).


Anonymous said...

They want our DNA only for good reasons.. you must trust the CCP

TRUST THEM!!!!! Or else covid-20 won't be as efficient. They have big hopes in China that covid19 destroys the West. Big hopes. Let's not disappoint our CCP overlords and realise we are 2nd or third class citizens in this new empire, at best

Stop resisting. Watch CNN. It's good for you and America

RussInSoCal said...

If you've given saliva to 23andMe - a genomics company run by Google - to do something kinda fun and trace your ancestry - its a good chance they already have your DNA