Sunday, November 29, 2020

China's Economic Instability And The Lack Of Powerful And Reliable Allies Is What Is Stopping China From Becoming A Superpower

Strategy Page: China: Submit Or Suffer 

Two things are impeding Chinese efforts to achieve superpower status; economic stability and a network of powerful and reliable allies. 

The problems with economic stability are linked to the more serious problems with establishing stable relationships with other countries. 

Chinese tradition prevents both of these because China traditionally recognizes only enemies and subordinate foreigners. 

China does not do allies in the traditional way.

Current Chinese “allies” include Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran. 

These are not what most countries would consider reliable and useful allies. Turkey and Iran are not reliable or particularly dependable and useful. The other allies, including Russia, are more dependents than traditional allies. 

WNU Editor: The above analysis is correct.


RussInSoCal said...

I don't think there's one nation on the planet that views Communist China as a trustworthy ally.

Ethno-fascist, rapacious bastards that they are.

Anonymous said...

Iran and Pakistan are allies.

China had the Chance to make Vietnam and The Phillipines as allies and antagonized them instead.

Iran would be more powerful except for the Gulf State and Israel get in the way. Joe Bite Me will try to help Iran out.

copley7 said...

Totally not a reliable ally. Covid - 19 pandemic took any trust away permanently. That was China's last chance and they bungled it.

Jac said...

Russia, the most powerful country will never be an ally. Putin already said that in case of a war between US and China it will not be a part of the conflict even it will respect its contracts of a weapon supplier.
Russia is using China as a balance of power with US. It is just temporary.

Fusion said...

Russia needs to focus on itself and not become in debt to China like all her other 'allies.'

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