Monday, November 30, 2020

CNN Host Explains How President Trump Could Win Re-Election By Pulling Off A ‘Legal And Constitutional’ Win Via Congress


A resurfaced video in which CNN’s Fareed Zakaria explained the “legal and constitutional” way President Trump may be re-elected even after a seeming loss has raised some eyebrows. 

The video, released before the election, showed the columnist for The Washington Post and host of CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” laying out the case on how Trump can remain the president “without actually winning the vote.” 

Democrats and supporters of Democrat nominee Joe Biden, who still has not been certified as the official winner of the 2020 presidential election, expressed concern on social media as the video got fresh attention this week. 

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WNU Editor: This has "somewhat" happened before in a US Presidential election. I refer to US President Hayes' disputed election of 1876 (link here). But will something like this happen in 2020? My answer is no. Most Republican legislators do not have the will or spine to dispute this election.


kidd said...

war open ur eyes

Anonymous said...

WNU uses the word most, which is a very nebulous word. It definitely means over 50%. It could mean anywhere from greater than 50% to less than 100%.

I can take issue with the description. I mostly believe it. I think one-third to two-thirds of Republicans should be voted out of office. It doesn't mean I give Democrats a pass. I think one half to 90+% of them should be voted out. But this last voting cycle has shown us that the franchise earn very little.

One software to rule them all.

Romney is a piece of work. The Democrats left him for road kill. For now until they get their one party state, they will allow Romney to play senator for Utah. They'll let him play house, too. Romney knows, who these people are, and yet he would rather play on the Washington Generals tram than win.

One software to rule them all.

George W. Bush's legacy, I thought, was fixed after January 20, 2009. He is sitting this out. Why? Because he gave it his best shot and now it is his turn to sit down smell the roses and paint? Or is it because Jeb lost in the primaries?

Jeb was my guy. He had name recognition, a run as governor and a war chest to match Saint Hillary's war chest. Trump came along. I liked two things about what he said. They were on the Southern Border and trade. I liked it, but I thought he could not get elected. I saw he was highest in the polls that summer in the primaries. Jeb could have ean on his brother's Border Security Act of 2006. George got is passed into law. Obama appointed Janet Napolitano to oversee it for awhile and then declare it was unworkable. For her good work she was given a sinecure, Presidency of the University of California. Jeb could have run on Obama failing to uphold the law by not carrying out the Border Security Act of 2006. Instead Jeb said we must love the illegal. Sure whatever, but it does not mean we must love them here. USA sends plenty of foreign aid. Jeb flamed out on illegal immigration. It was his own damn fault. I voted against Trump in the primaries. I thought the party leaders were right. That he would ruin the Republican Party.

I was wrong. The party leaders are ruining the party. People were very despondent in 2013. Read comment threads at various sites. 2013 is BTW way before Trump. So, who is to blame? Again, is is the old party leaders.

After we get rid of the Democrat Party, we need to get rid of the Republican Party so we can jettison the dead weight of people like Romney, Boehner, Cantor, The Turtle, McCain sidekick Grahmnesty ...

kidd said...

look out protect ur water dam

Anonymous said...

Why dispute when clearly it was Biden victory!
calling realists spineless is off the wall.

Fox News Host Pulls Apart Election Lies Trump Spouted On Network Hours Earlier

Anonymous said...

The News Host is not a data analyst. Data analysis shows that the election was fraudulent.

People were confessed by the seeming lack of a Democrat ground game. Now we know why, They out their efforts elsewhere.

Like bribing people on reservations. It is not the 1st time reservations were used to throw elections. Senator Thune of South Dakota had his ass handed to him in exactly this way.

Democrat Operatives Paid Native Americans to Vote in Nevada With Gift Cards

11:27 being the sad sack that you are, you are not keeping up with the times.

Your logical fallacy of appealing to authority is a double face plant.

Fox News Is Swirling Down The Toilet

Anonymous said...

President-elect Joe Biden’s favorability ratings are up since the election while President Trump’s dipped slightly during the same period, according to new polling from Gallup.

The survey found Biden’s approval rating at 55 percent, his highest since February of last year, two months before he announced his candidacy. His rating is now 6 points higher than just before the election.

Trump’s approval rating, meanwhile, is at 42 percent, down 3 points from before the election.

Biden's rating is bolstered by independents and Republicans, according to the survey. Independents’ approval grew 7 points, from 48 percent to 55 percent, while Republicans' approval of the former vice president rose from 6 percent to 12 percent. Democrats’ approval of Biden, which is in the 90s, remained largely unchanged, according to Gallup.

Anonymous said...

time to wake up
Trump lost
Biden will be the next president and will take office very soon
there is the electoral college. there is the popular vote
Biden has won both. All the babble is just stupid dreaming by folks unable to accept reality. time to wake up.

Anonymous said...

11:43 & 11:45 aka Fred Lapides is citing the same pollster that told us that Biden would win by double digits in all the states. No one believes the pollsters in general.

BTW Fred, I showed that bigly is a real word and you ran away from that comment thread.

Anonymous said...

google and you will find no fewer than 6 various polls citing those stats.

Bigly was a word in 1450 and has not been used for 500 years! till Trump in his low IQ mind like yours used the word. How many normal people toss out a word that has not been used for 500 years?
join the orange dolt, misfit

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fred Lapides,

Thomas Hardy a great literary figure used it in 1874 in his novel "Far from the Madding Crowd."

You might have read some good 19th century literature in american Literature class of English in high school.

1874 is not 1450.

Given the way your are, I can see where you might not like American Lit.