Friday, December 25, 2020

Man Behind The Pfizer Vaccine Warns COVID-19 'Will Be With Us For The Next 10 Years'


COVID-19 could still be causing outbreaks in 10 years time, the creator of the world’s first approved vaccine has said. 

Ugur Sahin, chief executive of Germany's BioNTech, partnered with US drug company Pfizer and took less than a year to get a vaccine approved. 

Around 500,000 doses of the vaccine have already been administered in the UK and it looks set to be approved in several other countries within weeks. 

Despite the progress, however, Sahin told a press conference on Tuesday that he believes the virus may survive for several years to come. 

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WNU Editor: He is probably right.


Anonymous said...

As B __Poster often comments "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof."

If this strain was genetically modified in a PS4 lab, then it is an act of war or something that should get a country censured.

This thing is going to last 10 years?

Lot of theories about the origin:

A) China had a virus escapee.
B) China planned this.
C) The US and Europe planned this to kill off their pensioners and balance government outlays.
D) Scientists are enjoying their renewed socio-economics status as upper class apparatchicks.
E) This was planned at Davos or somewhere more exclusive.

(D) is a rather benign theory. IT just implies that a natural disease mutated and scientists are playing it up to reassert their status.

(C) and (E) are more credible by the day. Vaccine is rolling out and yet it is an unabated emergency. It is a forever emergency. People can believe what their own eyes see and it is not what the "news" is telling them. Absolutely nothing it happening to China. People do not want to pull any investments from their China gravy train.

How does COVID which has been around for as long as mammals or land dwelling chordates have been around all the sudden become the plague? Not buying it.

Seen to many senators, representatives, governors, mayors, and scientists running around to the beauticians, 2nd homes, 3rd homes, or restaurants without masks to believe this is a plague.

This is a power grab and wealth redistribution. The social stratification seen during the Bronze and Iron ages have nothing on us and nothing to be ashamed of. The story line and means have changed. Nothing more.

B.Poster said...

Anon (6:27)

Interesting analysis. I have stated that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and I stand by that. I agree this is obviously not the plague. I do think c and e are more credible than b. As for drive, there are definitely those who seem to be enjoying this. Right now I think we're dealing with a. No one really wants to confront China. "To big to fail" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

two posts full of horse manure
one a dummy and the other a russian troll

Anonymous said...

If China admitted there was an accident, there would be politicians, talking heads and others in the west calling for an indemnity. I do not want to see that, but I would like to know the truth. If an indemnity was not called for, the CCP nonetheless would fear losing the Mandate of Heaven and status on the world stage. So that is why I think we are here.

Many elites in the West worry more about their investments and their riches than their constituents. The do not want to see China hurt. It would hurt their pocket book and they care more about their pocketbook than their fellow citizens. I would say the same for politicians in every country. It is a matter of degree and in the US the degree is getting rather large.

B.Poster said...

Anon (2:24)

I'm not Russian. I've made it easy for you to contact me. You haven't made the effort to do so. By continuing to repeat something you know to be false or should know to be false this makes you a troll.

The post by 6:27 represents a very thoughtful analysis and is not something from a "dummy" at all. Instead of insulting people constructive critiques are far more helpful and add value to the discussion . Your childish insults add nothing of value.

B.Poster said...

Anon (2:34)

Well said. There's actually very little to add. I believe this does go a long way toward explaining why China has trouble admitting the accidental release of a naturally occurring pathogen and why the "west" has trouble confronting them.

The government reaction with the lockdowns has been a far bigger problem than the virus. China did not order our leadership to do this and I'm sure they could scarcely believe their good fortune when our leaders showed themselves to be this stupid. As a cian once put it, this is an example of an "unforced error."

I TROLL TOO said...


Most researchers think the virus originated in bats, but how it jumped to people is unknown. Other coronaviruses have passed from an intermediate animal host; for example, the virus that caused an outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002–04 probably came to people from raccoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides) or civets.

“Finding an animal with a SARS-CoV-2 infection is like looking for a needle in the world’s largest haystack. They may never find a ‘smoking bat’” or other animal, says Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University in New York City. “It will be key for the investigators to establish a collaborative relationship with scientists and government officials in China.”

Nailing down the origins of a virus can take years, if it can be done at all, and the investigation will also have to navigate the highly sensitive political situation between China and the United States.

Anonymous said...

B __Poster,

2:24 was most likely Fred. You can call him, if you want, if you are for real or you could use VOIP and call from Russia routing several nodes.

Of course 2:24 might not be Fred and just another international troll, Lefty troll, or some one just liking to stir shit. After all it is easy to imitate Fred. You just write like you are a slow second grader in a special needs school, who will be socially promoted to 3rd grade after the 5th try.

B.Poster said...

Anon (3:34)

It seems all you have here are childish insults. If there's a specific issue that you have, I'm happy to address it. Otherwise this is a waste of time.

B.Poster said...


It will be most helpful if we were able to secure a collaborative relationship with China regarding this. There lack of forthciningness on this has not been helpful. Based upon how the "experts" are behaving it seems nearly unanimous that they do not think this is a bio-weapon.

Anonymous said...

China lies
Russia lies
America lies...less so but does
Iceland tells truth

Anonymous said...


such great autocorrect by a cellphone

Anonymous said...

<a href="><B>It's about time</b></a>

B.Poster said...

That should have obviously been "forthcomingness." In this case, it's due to poor eyesight and being distracted. I apologize for the oversight. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Someone is dishonest. There was nota COVID relief bill since July 2020, because Nancy wanted to bailout every blue states debt, that they racked up before COVID and fund every leftists group in America.

Trump wanted a clean bill with 3 times the amount going to every American and no pork. Miss Nancy wanted the pork.

For Miss Nancy it was a win/win. If people gave in, then liberals would rolling in cash for liberal causes like Planned Parenthood. If The Republicans did not give in to her extortion then she blames them for no relief.

We will remember.

AOC and the squad on this rare occasion agree with Trump. The COVID bill should have given more money to people and had less pork.

Anonymous said...

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