Saturday, January 9, 2021

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Says This Is How A Second Impeachment Of President Trump Would Play Out In Senate

Zero Hedge: McConnell Lays Out How Second Impeachment Would Play Out In Senate 

With Democrats set to launch a second impeachment against President Trump if he doesn't resign 'immediately,' Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has circulated a memo to GOP Senators outlining the mechanics of how a potential Senate trial would play out.

For starters, it would almost certainly occur after Trump leaves office on January 20, when Democrats take control of the Senate, according to the Washington Post. 

McConnell's memo notes that the Senate will not reconvene until January 19 for any substantive business - leaving the day before Joe Biden's inauguration as the earliest possible date for proceedings to begin. 

WNU Editor: US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is basically saying the Democrat's will run the trial. And with Trump derangement syndrome on full display right now, I expect a Senate trial will start after Biden's inauguration. 

The key question is .... are there 17 Republican senators who will vote for the impeachment of President Trump? 

Here is my list on who will definitely vote for impeachment: 

Senator Pat Toomey (R., PA) cites impeachable offenses. 
Senator Ben Sasse (R., NE.) said Trump violated his oath of office. 
Senator Lisa Murkowski (R., AK) became the first Republican senator to call for Mr. Trump to resign. Senator Mitt Romney (R., UT) was the only Republican to vote for impeachment the last time 

Bottom line. Even if I add Republican Senators like Susan Collins from Maine. And one or two others. The 67 vote threshold will not be reached. 

But if there are 17 Republican senators who do show up and vote for impeachment. 
I do not live in the U.S..
I am just an outsider looking in. 
But this is a no brainer.
The Republican party will lose a significant part of its base and it will be finished electorally for a generation.


B.Poster said...

I do live in the US. I've in TX. A majority here in the Houston atea at least in the suburbs wouldn't support impeachment. At least for the cities, it could be different.

As to how impeachment might work out, in the previous "trial" Trump would've been impeached and removed from office if Republican leaders could've done it anonymously. The editor blogged on this. A similar dynamic is likeky in effect. Unfortunately I'm sure Trump supporters will be "primaried" it's as though election theft is okay.

Unknown said...

If postal vote fraud did take place to such an extent that it was decisive in the result of the election, & the establishment GOP sit still for this then I would think that the establishment do not care for what those Republican voters think. As long as the establishment have their rice bowls & the money is rolling in. Keep ducking 🙉

Anonymous said...

"If postal vote fraud did take place to such an extent that it was decisive"

There is no if.

FBI Claims Jurisdiction and Yesterday Took Control of Shredded Ballots Being Analyzed in Georgia – Sends Them Back to ShredderL.

The Party of Slavery, Jim Crow and violence (KKK) remains the party of slavery (pittance welfare), deplatforming, and OWS/ANTIFA/BLM.

If you have the majority of votes, they were there on November the 4th, Now and 6 months into the future. Why not have people look over you shoulder, when you count ballots?

But the Dominion and the Democrats wipe the voting machines like Hillary wiped here phones and server.

Scott said...

WNU, that realization is what lays out the frame work for a civil/revolutionary war. What it’s called would of course depend on the victor. Have enough Americans forgotten or simply don’t understand what it means to be American? What American has been, is, and is supposed to be? I disagree slightly with giving government buildings immunity. If my son locks him self in his room. I wouldn’t feel wrong for coming through said door. Would I burn the whole house down? No. I might think it’s time for a revolution, but how many countries could you name that might take advantage of that? Crazy times we live in.