Sunday, February 28, 2021

Director of National Intelligence Avril D. Haines Is Making Her Presence felt

Avril Haines, the new director of national intelligence, released a declassified report Friday that says Saudi Arabia's crown prince was responsible for a 2018 killing of a prominent journalist. Haines spoke to NPR in her first interview since taking office last month. Claire Harbage/NPR 

As the top U.S. intelligence official for just over a month, Avril Haines has an overflowing inbox. 

A massive computer hack blamed on Russia is still under investigation. President Biden has raised the possibility of rejoining a nuclear agreement with Iran. And right before Haines sat down Friday with a team from NPR, for her first interview in office, aides handed out a report she'd just declassified: it said Saudi Arabia's crown prince was responsible for the brutal 2018 killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. 

Haines has taken over after a turbulent time. Former President Donald Trump was frequently at odds with his handpicked national security team when its assessments did not fit his preferred narrative. During his one-term presidency, he had five directors of national intelligence. 

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WNU Editor: She is making her presence felt. The release of the report implicating Saudi Arabia's crown prince as being the person responsible for the 2018 killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The bombing of an Iranian-backed militia in Syria a few days ago. Assessing the national security situation when it comes to China and Russia. 

For more details on Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Avril D. Haines, go here .... Who’s Who in Defense: Avril D. Haines, Director of National Intelligence (Breaking Defense).


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why killing Jamal Khashoggi was bad thing?

Generally, killing is a bad thing. Generally. Kashoggi is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter.

Yes, Jamal Khashoggi had many friends among the NAZI Party and, as his colleague reported days after his disappearance, had joined the movement himself as a young man before apparently shifting away from it later in his career.

If the word switch game so easily makes you look bad, then perhaps, you are bad.

Can someone explain why killing Jamal Khashoggi what US laws were broken?

Under US code would the Crown Prince prosecuted under?

Why wasn't Putin prosecuted under US law for Litvinenko's murder?

What is the difference between Alexander Litvinenko and Jamal Kashoggi?

1) Russia has 7,000 nukes and Saudi Arabia has 0 to 5?

2) Saudi Arabia is less than 3,000,0000 square kilometers?

3) Russia has a bigger army?

4) Russian has been exporting oil and later gas to Western Europe since the 1960's

"The spice must flow!"

Alexander Litvinenko: Profile of murdered Russian spy - BBC

What would you conclude from Litvinenko being assassinated and nothing happening to Putin?

"A public inquiry began on 27 January 2015,[10] and concluded in January 2016 that Litvinenko's murder was carried out by the two suspects and that they were "probably" acting under the direction of the FSB and with the approval of president Vladimir Putin and then FSB director Nikolai Patrushev."

"List of international presidential trips made by Vladimir Putin"

IMO this is more about preening, grandstanding, and domestic politics than about the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Does that plunging neckline go below the sternum, to the belly button, or to the bikini line?

re: belly button Does she have an inny or an outy?

re: Neckline What is the R squared between her neckline and the career progression?

Anonymous said...

As a prominent Saudi journalist, he covered major stories, including the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the rise of the late al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, for various Saudi news organisations.

For decades, the 59-year-old was close to the Saudi royal family and also served as an adviser to the government.

But he fell out of favour and went into self-imposed exile in the US in 2017. From there, he wrote a monthly column in the Washington Post in which he criticised the policies of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the son of King Salman and Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler.

Anonymous said...

Kashoggi met Osama bin Laden many times. He criticized Salman more harshly than bin Laden.

Very Telling.

Anonymous said...

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