Friday, February 19, 2021

President Biden Says ‘America Is Back’ In G7 And Munich Security Conference— Vows Coordination With Allies On Security Threats like ISIS And Afghanistan, As Well As Confronting Countries Like China And Russia


After years of Trump criticizing alliances, Biden said that the U.S. was committed to re-engaging. 

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Friday sought to reassure world leaders of America's commitment to its European allies after relationships eroded under his predecessor. 

In his first major address to European leaders since taking office a month ago, Biden said at virtual version of the annual Munich Security Conference that "America is back." 

"The range of challenges the U.S. and Europe must take on together is broad and complex," Biden said from the White House. "The last four years have been hard, but Europe and the United States have to lead with confidence once more." 

WNU Editor: Former President Trump wanted America's European allies to meet their national security commitments by increasing their defense budgets, and blasted European governments when they choose to break their promises. 

President Biden's approach is definitely the opposite. 

Ignoring details on what is wrong with the alliance, and focus instead on the general theme that the U.S. will restore the alliance?!?!? 

This is a repeat of the Obama administration. The process is more important than dealing with the details, with the hope that over time these differences will be overcome. In my experience this strategy rarely works.

This administration also has the same arrogance of previous administrations. That America's allies will follow what the White House says. Maybe in the past America's allies were supportive. But today is a different world, something that former President Trump exposed.

 And as for President Biden's strategy to confront China and Russia, Chinese state media is stating it best. This is an old and failed strategy .... US’ ‘same old strategy’ using allies to contain China, Russia ‘shows lack of confidence’ (Global Times). 

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Anonymous said...

Speak incoherently and bring your checkbook...

Jac said...

We have to expect the worst with Biden. That's very bad...and that's far to be finished.

Anonymous said...

I'm taking the long view.