Sunday, February 28, 2021

President Trump At CPAC (Video)


 * Donald Trump made his grand comeback to the political scene by taking the stage at CPAC Sunday
 * The former president assured the crowd of conservatives gathered in Orlando, Florida that he will not be forming his own political party despite rumors he was considering it 
 * 'We're not starting new parties,' he said. 'We have the Republican Party'
 * 'Wouldn't that be brilliant?' he quipped. 'Let's start a new party, let's divide our vote, so you can never win. No we're not interested in that' 
 * Trump also teased he would make a run for the White House again in 2024 as he lamented of voter fraud 
 * 'Who knows, I may even decide to beat them for a third time,' Trump said Donald Trump assured in his grand comeback at CPAC on Sunday that he will not form a new political party because it would further divide the GOP– and the former president previewed another White House run in 2024. 

'Do you miss me yet?' Trump asked the roaring crowd as he took the stage more than one hour later than scheduled. 

The former president repeated his claims of voter fraud at several points during his 90-minute remarks on Sunday, claiming the Supreme Court should be 'ashamed' for refusing to overturn the results in his favor. 

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WNU Editor: A regular reader of this blog summed it up best. "People better pay attention". 

And I agree. 

If three years from now the economy is in the toilet. The U.S. is waging a few wars and the international situation is tense. And the border in the south of the U.S. is porous. Former President Trump or someone that he supports will be the front runner in the 2024 election. 

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Update: I am not surprised .... News Networks Take Contrasting Approaches To Covering Donald Trump’s CPAC Speech (Deadline).


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Sad, judges and other non-legislatures changed election law to stuff ballot boxes.

Very anti-constitutional.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are waging war against Americans

"President Biden has raised the social cost of carbon from Trump’s $8 / ton to the Obama level of $51 / ton

The Methane emission cost of $1500 / ton potentially paves the way for enormous fines next time a pipeline blows out, but we already knew Biden wants to kill off domestic fossil fuel production.

The $18,000 / ton on nitrous oxide could be a significant new cost for farmers."

Good bye food security. Hello starvation.

Good bye prosperity