Saturday, February 27, 2021

Royal Navy Warship Shadows Russian Attack Submarine After It’s Spotted Sailing In The North Sea

Royal Navy warship HMS Mersey (pictured, gun onboard vessel) was monitoring Russian attack submarine RFS Rostov Na Donu (pictured) 

 * A Russian submarine has been tracked by Royal Navy warship HMS Mersey 
 * The attack submarine RFS Rostov Na Donu was travelling through The Channel 
 * Kilo-class sub was moving from the Baltic to the Mediterranean via the North Sea 

A Royal Navy warship has monitored a Russian attack submarine as the vessel travelled through British waters. 

Portsmouth-based patrol ship HMS Mersey tracked the surfaced submarine, RFS Rostov Na Donu, as it moved through the North Sea and the English Channel. 

The Kilo-class diesel powered attack submarine was moving through on its journey from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean. 

WNU Editor: This Russian attack submarine is probably heading to the coast of Syria

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Anonymous said...

Kilo is an old design. Limited compared to their ssn's. Once in the Mediterranean however they will have a better chance of losing the tail.