Sunday, February 21, 2021

The State Of U.S. Education Today

WNU Editor: OMG!!!! He is not only a Columbia University professor, but he chairs the psych department!!!!


Anonymous said...

He is what used to be called a "chipper". That was 50+ years ago. Who knows now with the change in old meanings of words to new.

Dave Goldstein said...

Idiot. Heroin is still illegal, state and federally

Anonymous said...

Heroine is cut with other drugs to extend it and make more profit. This is a very well know fact. He does not know what he is taking.

"Warning: Attempting to purify heroin that contains fentanyl (a common cut for street heroin), can result in a dangerous substance."

What he is doing is called Russian Roulette, which is unfair to Russians.

We should call it Liberal Roulette or Libtard Roulette.

Anonymous said...

Heroin Cutting Agents

To increase the feeling of euphoria, drug dealers may mix the heroin with other illegal pain-numbing narcotics. The purer forms of heroin are diluted with other substances like:

*Baby powder
*Powdered milk

While the above substances are somewhat harmless, if you use heroin mixed with these substances, it may pose a risk to your health.

*Rat Poison
*Over-the-counter painkillers

It is so apropos.

Anonymous said...

the state of education? one person who seems ok with his job and is not a problem but purists here complain and are upset?
drink much? but you are ok, right?

Anonymous said...

Dear Insufferable Idiot Child,

I do not drink. In college there was science professor, who was literally known for going to happy hour and having problems. He was a lush. A classmate suggested that students pool our money and buy his home, because he had a property tax lien and blackmail him for grades. The college was ranked #2 in the nation. Moral of the story is that drug abuse is a problem. It does not matter, if they are legal or illegal.

"Seems ok with his job"

That is rich coming from you, a person of low IQ and little knowledge.

Anonymous said...

The entire "profession" of psychology reeks of rot and decay. This professor is but a single example.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you go to the "drinking much", when it's about heroin use.

Anonymous said...

11:03 first commented on drinking in this thread. It has also told us that it has a daily night cap. 11:03 stumbled upon something good. So long as it keeps it to 1 ounce a day, the smooth muscles of its arteries will thank it. Look up notch1.