Friday, February 19, 2021

Will President Biden Abandon Afghanistan?

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is Biden Prepared to Lose Afghanistan? 

Is President Joe Biden prepared to preside over the worst U.S. strategic defeat since the fall of Saigon in 1975? 

For that may be what’s at stake if Biden follows through on the 2020 peace deal with the Taliban to withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by May 1 — just two months from now. Consider.

If the 2,500 American troops remaining in Afghanistan are pulled out, the entire 10,000-troop NATO contingent departs. 

This would write an end to the Western military commitment. And the likelihood the Kabul government could then survive the constant and increasing attacks from the Taliban, as the latter now control half of the country and many roads leading to the capital, is slim. 

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WNU Editor: Pat Buchanan does have a point .... After all, an Afghan army that could not defeat the Taliban a decade ago, when 100,000 U.S. troops were fighting alongside it, is not going to rout the Taliban after the Americans have gone home. 

The rest of Pat Buchanan's commentary is a must read.

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Anonymous said...


Defeat Pakistan and you defeat The Taliban.

If the British had defeated France from 1777 through 1781, the American Revolutionaries would have lost.

Concept is simple. Tactically, it is very much harder. the problem disgustingly is that the American military political establishment is not even trying. I would date the establishment giving up to the end of the Second Battle of Swat. Obama's drone campaign in Pakistan were pinpricks that the Pakistanis allowed until little boy went back home to his beach front mansions.

After Swat 1, Swat 2, Obama's Fabulous Drone War, The Airlift of Evil, and catching Pakistani agents embedded in the Taliban since 2002 and the Biden's puppet masters are none the wiser.