Sunday, March 14, 2021

A Third Covid-19 Wave Is Now Sweeping Across The EU

Italy and France are now seeing Covid cases start to rise as new and more-infectious variant of the disease begin to spread - while the UK's number of cases drop due to lockdown restrictions and a fast vaccine rollout 

New variants blamed as Italy, France, Germany and Poland see infection rates surge 

A third wave of the Covid pandemic is now advancing swiftly across much of Europe. As a result, many nations – bogged down by sluggish vaccination campaigns – are witnessing sharp rises in infection rates and numbers of cases. 

The infection rate in the EU is now at its highest level since the beginning of February, with the spread of new variants of the Covid-19 virus being blamed for much of the recent increase. 

WNU Editor: Europe's Covid-19 spike is definitely a warning to the U.S. (and others) .... Europe's new coronavirus spike is a warning to the U.S. (Axios). 

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this "3rd wave" is more about obesity and physical fitness.

Lock people in their homes for months or even a year making them fat and out of shape and then shake your head when they succumb to pathogen.

But if you get all their stuff, when they die, and tax the ones that live more and more, because well you're wonderful and they need your smarts.

They can tell how old you are by looking at your blood. There are especially 3 distinct grouping. Can they tell your fitness level. Is a pathogen's affect proportional to fitness level as shown by blood?

But, hey push the panic porn bro!

Anonymous said...

Do You Know Your Biological Age? This Blood Test Can Tell You.

Regular exercise can help insulin more effectively lower your blood sugar level. Physical activity can also help you control your weight and boost your energy. If you have type 2 diabetes, exercise can lower your risk of dying of heart disease. - Mayo

If you are obese, overweight, out of shape and catch rhinovirus, influenza, corona virus or any respiratory virus, you are are going to have a rougher time of it. You may even die.

But keep up the lockdowns assholes!

Maybe we will get lucky and lil' Miss Parkinson's will croak due to corona. Let see the risk factors.

Out of shape: Check
Fat: Check

Yup, lil Miss Parkinson's is at risk.

Anonymous said...

I agree, those who promote lockdowns despite all the negative effects, have lost all legitimacy.

I don't know if they're Aliens, but they seem to purposefully want to enslave and hurt ans demoralise an entire generation.

Do not follow orders from these. .. people, I guess ... but tell me, other than the skin and flesh they wear, are they not tyrants and the sworn enemy of free men and women?