Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Covid-19 Cases And Deaths Are Surging In India

MUMBAI — India on Wednesday recorded its biggest jump in COVID-19 deaths so far this year, as authorities in worst-hit Mumbai commandeered private hospitals and nursing homes amid an unprecedented wave of coronavirus infections. 

Wednesday's death toll from the coronavirus was 354 — the highest since mid-December. 

India's confirmed caseload has more than quintupled from some 9,000 cases in late January to 53,000 today. The increase follows a marked decline in cases from their peak in September 2020 that scientists are still trying to understand. 

WNU Editor: India is not prepared for this .... ‘Double mutant’ Covid variant threatens to overwhelm India (The Week).


Anonymous said...

India is another big big fan of China. Just ask them what they think of CNN telling us all we are racist for calling it the Wuhan virus. No wonder CNN parents companies are hurting and trying to sell this piece of PR nightmare.
Go woke, go broke.

Dave Goldstein said...

What? India almost went to war with China. Damn close