Thursday, March 4, 2021

MI5 Says Kremlin Agents Are Targeting Russians In The U.K.

The Guardian: Kremlin agents targeting Russians in UK, MI5 warns 

Britain is alert to interest being shown in certain individuals, agent tells Sky News MI5 has quietly stepped up the security protection offered to potential Kremlin targets living in the UK in the aftermath of the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury in 2018. 

The security agency warned that the Russian state continues to take “quite an active interest” in a handful of individuals in the UK, prompting the need to take more active measures involving the police and other agencies. 

The disclosure emerged in a rare interview given by two senior MI5 officers to Sky News, one of whom, known only as Tom, is responsible for running the domestic spy agency’s Russian counter-espionage desk. 

WNU Editor: This is very suspicious .... Boyfriend of Yulia Skripal vanished after the attack, a friend claims (Daily Mail).


Anonymous said...

The good news is that gays cannot be blackmailed by foreign security services simply for being gay. There is no axe to grind and no leverage. This is very good news.

This are very bad news if you are Russian of course, but it is also terrible news if you are Chinese. The CCP will feel you are obligated to them no matter, if you are second or third generation. Really infuriating for ethnic Chinese in that the CCP does not give a damn or does not care if a CCP ally ethically genocides Chinese. Look at the CCP ally Kampuchea. Of course China is not the only rulers that play this game. Look at the Uighurs.

What the Russians due to ethnic Russians in Britain, the Chinese will sooner or later do to ethnic Chinese in Britain. Or the US. I was warned of this decades ago.

Maybe the Chinese are not disappearing people in Britain. They have no big dissidents there . Maybe they are just pumping ethnic Chinese for information at this point in time. Are the Russians doing the same also in addition to their other activities?

Anonymous said...

"What the Russians do* to ethnic Russians"