Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Russian Hackers Suspected Of Stealing Thousands Of US State Department Emails

Daily Mail: Russians suspected of 'stealing thousands of State Department emails' in latest hack targeting U.S. government 

 * The cyber attack follows a similar breach carried out by the Russians in 2015 
 * They gained access to the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs and the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs 
 * The hack comes after an espionage campaign targeting SolarWinds software 

Russian hackers are suspected of stealing thousands of State Department emails last year, two Congressional sources have revealed. 

The cyber attack is the second breach of the department's email server in a decade carried out by Russians. 

The hackers gained access to emails from the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs and Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, according to Politico. 


Anonymous said...

Trump really never had control of the State Department. Trump arrived and Trump departed. The Wendy Shermans, Mashas, and Blinkens are eternal and the freaks cannot secure their intranet.

Anonymous said...

nonsense above

Anonymous said...

Some official social media accounts are posting messages at odds with the president's agenda.

To the bureaucrats defying Trump: You’ve got it all wrong

Other people have noted bureaucrats going their own way and celebrate it.

Now RJ91, Russian troll, Chinese troll or Iranians troll, the only one spouting nonsense is you. You are by far the dumbest commenter here.

Anonymous said...

People, who analyze Chinese dynasties and why they fall, have noticed a pattern. The dynasty would be founded by a vigorous person, who would campaign militarily and see things first hand. If there were famine or flood, the imperial court would organize relief. Life went on. Chinese were fruitful and multiplied.

But back at the capital eunuchs and people who passed arbitrary scholastic exams would tell the son, grandson or other descendants of the founder that, you cannot go out and campaign. IT is too risky. So the founders descendants would lounge in the capital presenting a dignified mien becoming more and more indolent and incompetent as time went on. Then it would all fall apart. The bureaucrats did a good job?!?!?

3:07 you are illiterate by and by.

Anonymous said...

Not just State Dept but here too

Anonymous said...

Another possibly infected jpg or bunch jpg's linked by yours truly.

How is 4:24 like Ben Rhodes, a person, who earned a MFA in writing intending to write a novel and never did?

Anonymous said...

A new study published in Frontiers in Psychology explored the psychological profile of people who posted hate comments online during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. The researchers found that hate commenters demonstrated high levels of one specific Dark Triad trait — psychopathy.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Venn* Diagrams

Anonymous said...

Tucker Carlson livid after Rep. Matt Gaetz tries to rope him into controversy, source says - CNN
---In investigation of Rep. Gaetz's alleged sexual relationship with minor, feds looking beyond Florida, sources say - ABC News

Anonymous said...

Government Regulators Expose Ivanka Trump's Sham Women Empowerment Initiative

Anonymous said...

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you remain you

People who post hateful comments online are characterized by high levels of psychopathy

Anonymous said...

Troll has a new hammer and everything looks like a nail to it.

I took psychology courses. When I did I always aced them. But keep on with your strawman putdowns.

The person, who gave you the idea, is not as clever as they think.