Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The White House Has A Dog Problem

President Joe Biden's dog Major has bitten another employee at the White House, according to reports. The German Shepherd was last seen on a walk with an aide on Monday at 5pm 

 * The rescue German Shepherd bit a National Park Service employee on Tuesday 
 * Major was out for a walk when he 'nipped' the employee, Jill Biden's office said
 * It comes just three weeks after Major bit another security guard 
 * Biden's beloved dog was banished to the Delaware family home for two weeks 

President Joe Biden's dog Major has bitten another employee at the White House, according to reports. 

A National Park Service employee was taken to the White House Medical Unit for treatment after the German Shepherd 'nipped' him while out for a walk. 

Jill Biden's press secretary Michael LaRosa told CNN: 'Yes, Major nipped someone on a walk. 'Out of an abundance of caution, the individual was seen by WHMU and then returned to work.' 

WNU Editor: German Shepherds like Major do not nip. They bite. 

The problem with dogs that have been rescued is that they usually have not been trained to be social in public settings. This is going to be a recurring problem for the Bidens with this dog, especially since the staff and the Secret Service now know that they have a dog on the premises that is unpredictable. 

In the meantime some are having fun with this situation (see picture below).

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Anonymous said...

National Park Service employee?

Why not Ron Klain, SPOX or other White House staff. Walking a dog is a great way to decompress, get your thoughts together, etc.

If Ron Klain is so important that he cannot take 20 minutes out of his day 3 times a day, then we are doomed anyway.

That dog should be inundated with walks, playing catch that it should want to turn down offers to go for a walk.

They should give the dog to the kitchen staff. Any intruder trying to gain access through the kitchen would be hurting and the staff would be perfectly safe.

I've seen strays and pure bred idiot mutts be around 300 people in a party and not bite anyone. Although they were hurting the next day.

Ron Klain and the rest of them decided they were too important to spend anytime with the dog so they schluffed it off on a NPS employee and it is not in the employee's job description. So they brought in a stranger and the stranger got bit. There is a large pool of NPS employees and Secret Service and with scheduling the dog might not see the same group of them every day or very often. So they are strangers and having never grown up with a dog they are intimidated and do not know how to talk to the dog.

Myself I am intimidated or afraid of midsized to large dogs to some extent and to large extent, if they were bred to be guard dogs. It is why you go through a make friends routine with a dog. I have no idea with pit bulls, but most every other breed will respond positively or should. the make friend's routine works best if the "owner" is there telling the dog that you are okay.

Major has no owner. Joe got him as a prop. Joe is too weak anyway and he is being held prisoner. Doctor Jill could do it and she has the time, but she is too busy being doctor. I was given a German shepherd that had put a person in the hospital. Handover took 5 to 15 minutes.

Major is as much of a prop as Joe.