Saturday, April 10, 2021

China Report Says US History Is Littered With 'Humanitarian Disasters' Caused By Military Interventions

The Hill: China says US has caused humanitarian disasters through military interventions 

A Chinese state-backed human rights research organization is accusing the United States of a history of military interventions that it says have caused repeated humanitarian disasters. 

The China Society for Human Rights Studies said in a new report published Friday, titled "Severe Humanitarian Disasters Caused by U.S. Aggressive Wars against Foreign Countries,” that the U.S. has “waged 201 armed conflicts among the total 248 that occurred in 153 regions of the world from the end of World War II in 1945 to 2001.”  

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Anonymous said...

TBH China intervened in Korea in the 1950s and Vietnam first.

Kim Il-sung did not cross the 38th parallel without asking permission from the USSR and China. The US got involved in the Korean War to clean up China's mess.

Ditto Vietnam.

"China even provided skilled manpower to North Vietnam with an estimated 15,000 Chinese Communists serving in diverse roles from advisors, technicians to garrisons in Vietnam by 1952."

"China sent hundreds of thousands of troops to North Vietnam during the course of the war. These troops were not for direct front line combat against South Vietnam and their allies, but rather for building and repairing infrastructure, anti-aircraft units, and to free up North Vietnamese troops for the front. They gave North Vietnam 2,000,000 firearms, 65,000 artillery pieces, over a billion bullets, 17,000,000 artillery shells, 30,000 radio transmitters, almost 50,000 telephones, 560 tanks, 164 aircraft, and over 15,000 automobiles. They also gave them enough food to equal a full year of North Vietnam’s food production.

The Chinese military claims to have shot down approximately 38% of American aircraft lost during the war."

Everywhere China has been leaving messes on the floor. China learned from the USSR and the Russian learned from a bunch idiot Europeans.

Caecus said...

Hilarious, considering the Chinese communists killed tens of millions of their own people, enforced unjust one child policy and forced abortions, completely transgress religious freedom and continue to oppress their own population.

Anonymous said...

says the nation that conquered and obliterated Tibet.

Anonymous said...

America is good; China bad. No. China is good. America bad

Anonymous said...

I think it's fair to say that many nations, from China, to Germany, to the USA, UK, Japan, Russia, Italy, France, petty much every major nation has contributed and engaged in decades of war.

It's really foolish to not recognize that war is very much the nature of how we solve things.

When a gang member shoots another gang member, that's war

And even before that, the old wars that formed today's nations.. all based on war. Not just WW1 and WW2 and the more recent ones like Vietnam or Afghanistan or Ukraine or India and China's border conflict.

It's all murder murder and war.

I don't know what the solution is, and perhaps war is even good in some regards (the stock market loves a good short war with clear predictable outcome, a lot of money to be made for the typical people.. bankers, defense industry, contractors, software..)...

My point is, we should recognize that we all do it, there's a constant chance for "war to break out", the doomsday clock is like as close as ever to midnight and hasn't moved back in a few years...

There's the real chance of AI wars in the next major conflict that could very quickly let the dominating nation take over the World and that could very much be China again, as they've done centuries before...

So there's a good extinction level feel in the air and pointing fingers is perhaps not the best way to avoid the next war...

What's really needed is like a Cuban missile crisis like UN session where everyone can bring real evidence

The US and UK, among other nations say that China has concentration camps, death camps, sterilisation and organ harvesting programs, ie they seem to have gone full Nazi over there on unwanted Chinese minorities.

Now... if that's true then this is something to talk about and also consider if the Chinese did that to their own people, then boy just think what they'll do to you, three times so if you disagree with them, or don't accept the CCP as replacement for God, no matter which God you believe in.

And if you're atheist, you still better salute the CCP.

Now that's the picture the west paints of China (and in several Asian nations too, they'd agree China is doing this, just ask the Indians, the vietnamese,..), so this is not West vs East or some fake narrative, I think..

But, evidence on all of this and the China virus/ the virus from Wuhan, and the WHO's disastrous if not criminal and treasonous behaviour should be investigated and discussed at the next convenient UN meeting.

If not, the UN will cease to exist. It is what people want to know and them to discuss and resolve.

And in my opinion the WHO should be dissolved and no nation should contribute our tax money to these murderous lunatics.

Anonymous said...


Jac said...

Hitler was accusing other countries of atrocities too... China, welcome to the club!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

5:!8 tries to beat a retreat after trying to smear America. and leave China scot free.