Monday, April 12, 2021

Former U.S. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe Says The Intelligence Community Has Been Severely Compromised


WNU Editor: I personally believe the U.S. intelligence community has always been compromised. The only difference is that the Trump administration was successful in disclosing all of this.


Anonymous said...

It would explain weasel John Brennan.

Anonymous said...

That guy badmouthed Obama intel when he worked for Trump and now he badmouths intel a50 days after leaving his job and discovering suddenly that intel is compromised. He is a turd:

Ratcliffe withdrew from consideration within a week as questions were raised about his credentials and whether he inflated parts of his biography. But Trump nominated him six months later, calling him an "outstanding man of great talent." Ratcliffe has been a vocal ally for Trump, defending the president during impeachment hearings in 2019. He was reportedly considered as a potential replacement for former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Anonymous said...

You are short on specifics. 9:59 such as "as questions were raised about his credentials".

So I looked.

"the The Washington Post reported that a claim on Ratcliffe's website that he arrested "over 300 illegal immigrants on a single day" as a federal prosecuting attorney was an exaggeration. He also faced questions over whether he overstated his role as a federal prosecutor in a terrorism financing case."

200, 250, 300 I do not GIVE a FLYING FUCK! What I care is that he prosecuted a buttload. That you are now so parsimonious is very touching.

That Obama lied about deporting people did not get him canned. No, liberal Democrats think he is so groovy they are willing to pick the corn from his shit and eat it and afterwards tell you how they are saving the planet by recycling food waste.

Now Obama included people as deported, who were met by border patrol at the border and turned away. They could have simply back tracked a few miles and crossed somewhere else. Obama changed the definition to inflate stats ahead of an election.

So Obama inflated his job performance and now you 9:59 are looking up from Obama's feces with your shit eating grin and quoting a WaPo hit piece.

If you need a salt shaker, I'll send you one.

Anonymous said...

The issue is NOT Obama. The Issue is this guy. He badmouthed Obama when he worked for Trump and now, not long after Biden took office he badmouths Biden's intel. Fact: with very few exceptions, the same intel are working as worked under Trump and now under Biden. Point: he is a liar and full of beans.

It's official now

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the clearest sign that three-term Texas congressman Ratcliffe is manifestly unqualified to serve as the nation’s director of national intelligence isn’t the fact that he embellished his résumé, nor that only a minority of the US Senate would vote to confirm him, nor that the first time he was floated for the post last summer he was so soundly rejected that he withdrew almost immediately.

Instead, it’s that years before just 49 senators of the 116th Congress—all Republicans—voted to confirm him last week as the head of the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies and the president’s top intelligence adviser, the 108th Congress tried to stop a man like Ratcliffe from assuming that very role in the first place. They wrote into the law that created the job, 50 US Code § 3023, “Any individual nominated for appointment as Director of National Intelligence shall have extensive national security expertise.”

Anonymous said...

"No, liberal Democrats think he is so groovy they are willing to pick the corn from his shit and eat it and afterwards tell you how they are saving the planet by recycling food waste."

This is a disgusting comment, just saying.

Anonymous said...

It is not a disgusting comment. It is the truth. Everything the Democrats are now doing or have done in the recent past, they or someone else will have to undo. King Democrat lies about global warming and then solely buys house nay mansion on the breach front. But the true believers have no problem with it.

You, 10:42, 10:46, 10:50, cry real crocodile tears about global warming and a leader who exclusively buys beach front property. I hope Obama eats some legumes so you get some protein. You wouldn't want it to all be carbs. By the way how does it taste? Can you still taste it now?

Anonymous said...

The Obamas have just sunk $15 million into something that may not be there in 10 years because of climate change and rising sea levels. So why would the Obamas do that? Why would the brilliant Barack Hussein O plunk down $15 million on a property that's gonna be ruined and destroyed inside of 10, maybe 12 years at the outside because of climate change?

Well, let's see. What could the answer be? Maybe because they know that this whole climate change thing is nothing but a gigantic left-wing agenda-driven hoax! Seriously, folks! Seriously! You can make jokes, we can crack about it, laugh about it, but why the hell would -- Look, left-wing voters, Democrat voters believe that their standard-bearers really, really passionately believe this stuff.

Democrat primary voters believe that all these Democrat leaders from Obama on down to Crazy Bernie, you name it, they really believe this climate change stuff. They really believe it. That's why they're so important. That's why they're so valuable. What Obama said after accepting the nomination in 2008 (doing Obama impression), "Today is the day that the saving of the planet has begun. Today the sea levels are gonna start receding." "Yay, yay."

- Rush

Anonymous said...

"Turns out, our hunch was more or less correct. President Barack Obama’s new estate in Hawaii will be built on the site of the mansion used as a primary location for the 1980s hour-long action TV show Magnum P.I."

- American LUXury website

Anonymous said...

Ratcliffe not qualified?

What qualifies you for the job?

2 years as an O2 like Leon Panetta?

In which case something over 5 million people are qualified.

Maybe what qualifies you is having an extramarital affair like Betreaus?

Anonymous said...

dip into the past? bad-mouthing...
sure signs of losers losing
Trump an utter failure and that is why his numbers never went above 50% in 4 years and Biden at 60% or higher in fewer than 250 days in office

Anonymous said...

"dip into the past" - Imbecile

"What's past is prologue" - William Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

What's past is prologue

"In contemporary use, the phrase stands for the idea that history sets the context for the present. The quotation is engraved on the National Archives Building in Washington, DC, and is commonly used by the military when discussing the similarities between war throughout history."

Anonymous said...

no need to tell me about the past and Shakespeare etc

"The past is never dead. It's not even past." This line is often paraphrased, as it was by then-Senator Barack Obama in his speech "A More Perfect Union".

The fact is some dolt rather than focus upon Trump and the near past, slips back to Obama's presidency merely to badmouth him. Trump did his best to undue any and all things he could that Obama put in place. Alas, Trump like the GOP was unable to get rid of Obama Care, despite the lies about the forthcoming health plan he was coming up with. And now Obama care is more popular than is that for the past living on unto the present?

Anonymous said...

"The fact is some dolt rather than focus upon Trump and the near past, slips back to Obama's presidency merely to badmouth him."

The fact is we have to talk about the abuses of the Obama regime.

The fact is that Sir John Brennan, exemplar of truthiness and the Democrat way, said one thing on CNN for 4 years and under oath told a jury the complete opposite. You, yourself, are not honest about it in the least. You continue to lie about the Steel Dossier to this day with a certain smile on your face.

FBI Man at the Heart of Surveillance Abuses Is a Professor of Spying Ethics

This Russiagate FBI Analyst Couldn’t Verify Anything In The Steele Dossier Yet Said Nothing For Years

“So with respect to the Steele reporting,” Auten told the committee, “the actual allegations and the actions described in those reports could not be corroborated.”

You for years harped on the Steele Dossier acting no different than an SS street thug would have acted in the 1920s. You beat up anyone who does not toe the party line.

I do not know if you are a deaf, dumb, and blind Democrat or a foreign agent. It is a distinction without difference, really.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing of Shakespeare, intelligence work, or the truth. You're just a pathetic lying shill.

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep lying? Oh, that's right you are and always have been a lying shill.

Anonymous said...

Choking on that corn aren't you.

Anonymous said...

What stupid shits can do nothing but post insulting childish comments!

what I had posted was the background and some evidence that the guy a turd and why I thought so. And so I know nothing of this and that.I DO NOT FEEL THE NEED TO GIVE EVIDENCE OF WHAT I DO KNOW. I do know you are a loser and can post nothing but childish insults. go forth and sin no more

Anonymous said...

what evidence that intel "always compromised" and what did Trump do but replace the head of this or that agency, and in so doing, did that uncompromised the agencies, and is so, what evidence, and if not, what had he accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Coated Corn Eater,

What you did was copy & paste a WaPo hit piece. What did the Washington Compost, a former newspaper, print?

They said that Ratner did not prosecute 300 illegals in one day. Let us assume that the Compost is correct. Did Ratner prosecute 100, 275, or 299. If it is 299, most people would say the problem is the Compost and they need to take the log out of their eye or their asses.

Actually it comes down to the Washington Compost needs to take a log out of their collective asshole. It is making them angry. I imagine it must be painful.

Ratcliffe took credit for being part of a group. He did not say he took sole credit and on one else did anything. He said he took credit, which is a true statement.

First quarter on the job my direct supervisor told me that he was going to take credit for my work. He furthe0r00 explain that the department head would also. It is the way it works. So what have you? Three people taking credit for the same work. It is the way of the world and actually it makes good sense.

So the two Compost accountability reporters wrote absolute shit and you picked out the corn and ate it.

Did it taste different than the corn from Obama?

Anonymous said...

So you KNOW now. Is that part of being (a better)? Your own words. It fits right in with you being a self-appointed censor. Such an exalted position you've made for yourself. No wonder that "special" ex male student is so proud of you. He does like to brag on you, especially some of your shall we say prowess!

Anonymous said...

You're confusing, first YOU say evidence is not needed, now in this post YOU demand evidence, when you're a "better" evidence is a piffling thing. You really think you're so much smarter don't you? Well you should really enjoy your bed, YOU made it!